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    I was wondering if someone could help me out with this... I am trying to figure out if the GI plus my TA from the Air Force is going to cover my degree from Northeastern. Right now I have figured out the total degree cost 65k. (I am doing the dual MBA/MSF but I know the GI/TA will not cover all of that). Each class I take is 3,900 for a three credit hour class. I get $4500 a year and they will pay up to $250 a credit hour and the top up will cover the rest (up to $17,500 a year). So I contacted the VA they say I have 30 months of benefits remaining. I still have 12 classes left totaling 46,800. I guess my basic question is this:

    Is the GI Bill total $17,500 over a 3 year or 36 months? Or is that just a cap they put on it? More or less?

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    The GI Bill will pay tuition and fee for you up to $17,500.00 per year. That amount is after your TA ($17,500.00 + $4,500.00) = $22,000.00 per year. If the VA says you still have 30 months of benefits, which mean you still have $43,750.00 max benefit. However, you can request additional 12 months of the benefit after your GI Bill is exhausted. Technically, you still have 42 months of the benefits; now, the additional 12 months of benefits are possible non-existent. So, don't count on it....
  3. Are you talking about the Post 9/11 GI Bill? If your talking about the regular MGIB then the numbers are going to change some.

    Tekman, I'm not sure he would be eligible for that extension. I was told that the extension was strictly for those that had exhausted their MGIB benefits.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    You might be right, I was told that 12 months extension is only for whose you exhausted their GI Bill while on active duty. I assume they utilize the Housing Allowance amount to fund for that 12 months extension, but I am not sure one must receive MGI Bill or Post 9/11 GI Bill.
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    I am referring to the post 9-11 GI bill and thanks for the help!
  6. I can't seem to find the official verbiage on the subject but this link appears to affirm it.

    Tekman's numbers are still rock solid.
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    Ok this is how my conversation has went...

    My question:

    I am currently on active duty and have been using the top up program for my degree. My question is what is the total benefits I will receive for the GI Bill on active duty? Is it correct you receive a total of 17,500 for three years? I am just trying to figure out if I will have enough money to finish my MBA through Northeastern University. The total cost of the program is $84,500. With the math I have done it would be 17,500 * 3 years of benefits would = to 52,500 also I use the military TA which would be $4500 a year. This would give me a total benefit of $66,000 which is $18,500 short of the total amount. I just want to make sure I am on the right track as I continue to work on my degree and that I do not end up having to pay too much out of pocket.


    Hello David,
    I have reviewed your education file based on your inquiry. Our records show you have 30 months and 02 days of entitlement remaining.

    The Post 9-11 GI Bill will pay eligible individuals:

    Your full tuition & fees directly to the school for all public school in-state students. For those attending private or foreign schools tuition & fees are capped at $17,500 per academic year.
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    Second question:

    I just want to be correct on this... the GI Bill pays out a total of 36 months of benefits which is three years total. Each one of those years is capped out at 17,500.


    Good morning David,

    Your original entitlement under Post 9/11 GI Bill was 33 months and 23 days. You now have 30 months and 02 days of entitlement remaining under Post 9/11 GI Bill.
    How much of your entitlement is charged is based on your rate of pursuit, which loosely translates to training time. Training time is determined by your school and is based on how many credit hours they consider full-time and how many credit hours you are actually attending.

    The following example is set forth in the most general of terms to give you an idea of how entitlement is charged and shouldn't be directly applied to your particular situation

    Most schools consider 12 credit hours full-time for undergraduate studies, over a standard semester (15-19 weeks) or quarter (10-13 weeks). If you attend 12 credit hours you’re considered full-time, 9 credit hours is 3/4 time, 6 credit hours is 1/2 time and 3 credit hours is 1/4 time. One month of entitlement would be charged for every one month of attendance at the full-time rate, 3 weeks at 3/4 time rate, 2 weeks at the 1/2 time rate and 1 week at the 1/4 time rate.

    The enrollment certification are processed based on the term dates, credit hours, and tuition and fees submitted by the School Certifying Official.

    I hope that this information helps.

    Thank you,

    Ok this is confusing to me because I have taken 11 credit hours thus far at Northeastern University. The total cost of that would be $14,300.. I also used TA which would cover 250 a credit hour therefore taking away 2750. If I started off with 33 months of benefits and after all that is said and done I still have 30.. that would mean the VA paid out around $11,500 and called it 3 months worth of benefits.. this just doesn't seems right.
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    At the graduate level, the rate is determined by what the school considers "full time." If you are certified as a "full time" student for three months, you will be charged 3 months of benefits.
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    Don't think of the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits in terms of money; it is 36 months of full time benefits (with a private school limit of $17,500/academic year). Since 11 credit hours was considered full time, you were charged the 3 months. Even if your tuition was only $5000 for the same 11 credit hours, you would still see the same result. If you took 6 credit hours and were considered half time, you would only be charged 1.5 months. 3 credit hours you would only be charged 1 month. Does that make sense?

    Anyways, depending on how fast you want to finish, or how thrifty you are; I propose you consider the following: Slow down. Since you already used $11,500 of the cap for this academic year, you can really only take two more classes before hitting the cap. Take those two courses this summer ($3900 x 2 = $7,800 - $750TA = $6,750) and no more, leaving ten left. That would add up to $17800 for the year, costing you $300 out of pocket, and 1.5 or so months of GI bill since the 2 courses are probably only half time.

    Then take 5 classes next academic year (2012-2013). This will cost $19,500 total, but since you have TA covering $1,250; the GI bill will cover most of the rest leaving you $750 to cover yourself. Also, this will be considered half time since you would only take 1 or 2 classes (2 fall, 2 spring, 1 summer), so you may only use 4.5 or so months of benefits assuming a 9-month academic year.

    Do the same for the following year and in the end you will have two degrees costing you only (from today on) $1800 out of pocket, 10.5 months worth of GI bill benefits used, and 1.5-2 years time.

    Then use the rest to give to your child or spouse when you retire, or use to another degree later on. Of course if you want these degrees quicker, you will just need to be prepared to pay out of pocket tuition and fees above the cap per academic year (minus TA). Good luck!
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  10. "Post 9/11 GI Bill 2.0" has some good things and it has some bad things. Personally, one of the areas where I think it isn't good is attending a graduate school at a private university. I'm not sure that you are eligible for it since you are on active duty BUT you should take a look at the Yellow Ribbon program. Northeastern was a member for the 2012-2013. For their graduate programs they give up to 20,000 (only for 100 students). The link is here.
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    Thanks for the replys!! I think I got it now!! I am going to use that plan and I can also work at getting the dual MBA/MSF which ends up being a total of 62 credits. I can continue to take my time.. according to the NEU website I can take up to 5 years to complete the program. This is great because even after all that I might still have enough to get another bachelors degree!! Would love to get a DBA but I think this will be enough! Thanks again for all the help!! Also Northeastern Yellow Ribbon can only be used by people that are attending.. not for online use! LOL.. I would love it if it was!!!
  12. That's good. Glad you figured out your game plan. Wouldn't it come pretty close to the 5 year mark at this pace? Ouch, the Yellow Ribbon program would have made this soooo much easier. lol
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    I read somewhere that after you use up your benefits, you are reimbursed for the $1200 initially deducted from your AD pay. Any truth to this?
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    Yes, this is true. But only if you transferred your Chapter 30 (MGIB) benefits to Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) prior to using them up. If you used up all of your MGIB benefits, and then applied and received 12 months of Post 9/11 benefits, at the end of your Post 9/11 benefits you would not receive the $1200.
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    Yes, that is my case. Thanks for the response and confirmation.

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