Ghost Writers in China.

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  1. SurfDoctor

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    We have discussed academic integrity often on this board. Here is an interesting article on the reported epidemic of Chinese students that pay to have someone else write their papers. This article is particularly interesting because they interview someone actually does the ghost writing. He claims that there is nothing wrong with giving people a little help and that some prominent people have used his and similar services. He only charges about $45 to write a paper for you and no, I'm not giving you his number! :)
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  2. morganplus8

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    I understand, but is his last name Chan by any chance?

  3. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator

    Yes, but don't bother him; he's busy working on my dissertation! :) JK!
  4. ideafx

    ideafx New Member

    Is he writing the papers and performing the research as well?

    I personally know of a chem student who hired someone to rework his dissertation because his English writing skills are so poor. I didn't think there was anything wrong with it, and it seems to be quite prevalent. Most engineering and science majors aren't the best of writers.
  5. 03310151

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    I took a Marketing class from a Prof who had just returned from a year teaching Marketing in China. He was a former VP of Marketing for Sony. He indicated that cheating was rampant in China, in a way that would shock most westerners. Different culture I suppose.
  6. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator

    Yes, according to the article, there is a lot of pressure on research. But there's a lot here too.
  7. CJ Ed

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    There are plenty of people who are hungry in today's economy, and there seem to be plenty of people willing to write papers for others for low costs right here in the USA.

    Here's one example out of many that you can turn up via Google:

    I share this NOT to help students cheat. But people who teach in DL should know where to look if they want to catch students in the act.

    If the board moderator believes this link should be pulled, I will understand. But I do hope that others here who teach, whether DL or B&M, know about such sites and search them. TurnItIn does not catch all of these.
  8. Woho

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    I always thought that any rewriting not touching the content is legitimate? In these times of speed-grading I use someone to proofread my writings quite consistently with the hope that style might sometimes the communication of the substance ;)
  9. Ian Anderson

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    Is there data to back up this claim?

    In my experience this is not true since so much documentation is written by engineers and scientists including proposals, test plans & reports, manuals and other documentation.

    I will agree that engineers and scientists and every other occupation that creates written material (including newspapers) get mixed up with similar sounding words such as there & their, its & it's, to & too, and rode and road (this last one was in my local paper recently - "she road the tram to the snow").
  10. SurfDoctor

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    Well, at least you new it was wrong. I never rote the wrong word bee fore.
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  11. John Bear

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    My friend Sylvia Sklar has earned her living for about 30 years offering editing services to UC Berkeley doctoral students. (She earned her PhD in English there.) She says it is a constant challenge to tread the line between doing enough and doing too much. Sadly but expectedly, many of her would-be clients go elsewhere when she tells them how much she is willing to do.
  12. Maniac Craniac

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  13. SurfDoctor

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  14. SurfDoctor

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    Yes, I think there is nothing wrong with helping someone with language skills. That is, as long as you are not doing the work for them. This guy, however, takes care of it all, start to finish. Pay your $45 and you have a finished paper. The only writing you do is when you write the check!

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