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    I would like to start a thread for methods for already certified teachers to gain additional certifications in content areas.

    WGU has the most well known where you can take a masters in a content area to get certified to teach a second subject. (math, physics, biology, chemistry)

    Fresno Pacific and University of La Verne offer graduate PD courses in a variety of subjects. I'm not sure if these would be acceptable for an additional certification.

    I am personally looking to add English certification. I am currently certified for social studies and TESOL.

    Please share any additional programs. No need to add endorsement programs. They are fairly common.
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    I don't find it strange. It makes sense that a math prep program for teachers would include the pre-reqs to become a math teacher which includes content you could also gain in undergrad.

    There are masters programs to prepare to become a CPA without an accounting background or to seek admission into medical school that also include undergrad content.

    MBAs usually include basic stats, accounting or economics coursework that a student in those degree programs would earn in their undergrad too. But they earn master's level credit.
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