From AAS to BS...Need Ideas Please.

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  1. Tech_Guy

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    I've been a long-time lurker in these forums and this is my first official post. First, I just want to extend a warm "Hello" to everyone. Second, I need some fresh ideas to complete my BS degree in IT (in the cheapest and shortest amount of time possible).

    In the last two years, I've attended a local community college via the traditional route by physically attending class. And I just graduated this past Dec. with an AAS in IT Systems.

    I'm scheduled to begin my first semester at a state university this coming August to complete my BS. Though I can't swallow borrowing $25,000 + to do this is...considering the downturn of the economy. So my only option is the online route.

    I'm considering either Peru State College, Dakota State, Fort Hays State, and of course the "Big 3" this particular order. I currently have approx. 103 credits to transfer from 3 separate RA schools.

    Some ideas please.
  2. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Cheapest and fastest? Out of the big three, I would pick TESC. Why? For the simple reason that they accept courses at a upper level that other schools consider lower level. If I were you, I would spend the money and request evaluations from all of the big three. Either way, one of the big three would by the fastest cheapest way to go. Go for it.

    Abner :)

    P.S. I forgot to add another thing. You can transfer in FEMA credits raw (free) to TESC. I think you could transfer 20+ at the lower level. Screw going in debt.
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  3. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    I was able to complete the requirements for my BS from Charter Oak State College in only 4 months. I started with a diploma in Biomedical Repair from the US Army, an AA from University of Phoenix, and my MCSE, and A+ certifications. I completed two classes from the University of Phoenix for upper level credit and the following CLEP/DANTES/ECE exams:

    08-14-2002 DANTES Intro to Criminal Justice
    08-14-2002 DANTES Intro to Law Enforcement

    09-04-2002 DANTES Intro to Computing
    09-04-2002 DANTES Organizational Behav
    09-04-2002 DANTES Envir and Humanity
    09-09-2002 DANTES – HR Management
    09-09-2002 DANTES Tech Writing
    09-09-2002 DANTES Intro to Business
    09-12-2002 DANTES Here’s to you Health
    09-17-2002 CLEP History and Social Science
    09-19-2002 ECE Labor relations
    09-22-2002 DANTES Ethics
    09-22-2002 DANTES MIS
    09-26-2002 ECE Production/Operation Mgt
    09-30-2002 CLEP English w/essay

    11-11-2002 ECE Research Methods in Psy
  4. lukedean27

    lukedean27 New Member

    Cheapest and shortest amount of time? I would say you need to see the standards and quality too, it's most important. After all, it is what the school has to offer.
  5. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    If all you need are general education and free elective credit hours, I suggest either testing out (CLEP, DANTES, DSST) or independent study (Louisiana State University or University of North Dakota, for example). Thomas Edison State College offers a Comprehensive Tuition Plan and an Enrolled Options Plan as well. With only 17 credit hours remaining you can have a BA or BS by the end of the year.
  6. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Heck 17 credits, you could have it by the end of the week with CLEPs!:p
  7. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    You got some good advise from posters here.

    I will provide one more possibility , its not RA its only NA but it worked for some of my friends in 2008.

    The tuition is around $2600 a year. ( can be completed in 1 year if sufficient transfer credit granted)

    My friends with ASS degree applied to World College for transfer credit. All their educational achievement were evaluated.
    The first one got 75% max credit transfer toward Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems.
    It took him 1 year to graduate with this degree.

    The second friend got about 60% of his credit transfered toward the degree and is completing this year.

    The degree helped my friend to get an Applications Engineer position with SUN micro systems in CO.
    His program was 100% DL. It was not easy ride, he studied hard but still was providing for his family and helping elderly parents.

    Their deal of down-payment of $35 and monthly payments of $100 are very attractive to many students who earn very little as techs.
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  8. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    That is a good alternative. Nobody can beat the $100.00 a month payments NA schools have.

  9. Mitchell

    Mitchell New Member

    LOL. Is that a typo or real degree?
  10. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member


    Its AAS degree :) LOL

    Associate in Applied Science.
    The tution in 2008 was higher. It was 25 down and 125 per month.
    For one year semester about 3200.

    They reduced prices in 2009.

    My friend with BCIS degree from World College is applying to WGU MBA program.
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