FEMA EMI Credits - Excelsior - Current Credits - Suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by CadeTheNascarStar, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. CadeTheNascarStar

    CadeTheNascarStar New Member

    Hey Everybody,

    I just wanted to send a quick note that is going to detail my current pace toward graduation from Excelsior with a B.S. in Liberal Studies. I also had a few quick questions that I'm sure some of you probably know the answer to....

    I just completed 9 semester hours at FHSU and I'm enrolled for 9 more this fall. :) The classes I took and completed were:

    LDRS300 - Int. To Leadership Concepts "A"
    LDRS501 - Leadership/Pers. Develop. "B"
    PHYS309 - Descriptive Astronomy "A"

    With those credits coming in, I need 18 more credits at the upper-level for the arts and sciences and I need 11 credits at the lower-level for professional/career.....

    I came across, earlier this morning, the following website: http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/IS

    Was wondering Excelsior would accept any of these credits....as they come from Frederick Community College?

    If anybody knows the answer for this, please let me know. It would be a wonderful and quick way to earn those last 11 credits for that area.

  2. skidadl

    skidadl Member

    don't know the answer to your question but i am real interested in you Ft Hayes experience. i am thinking about taking classes with them
  3. CadeTheNascarStar

    CadeTheNascarStar New Member

    It was a good experience. I found everybody there to be very helpful and the instructors made themselves available when needed. :) A very positive experience.

  4. Tony Schroeder

    Tony Schroeder New Member

    Hi Cade,

    Indeed, they will! I used three of these courses towards my recently-completed Bachelor's degree (official graduation thread to follow!). You'll need to be sure they don't any other coursework you've completed, and that the credits will fit in the degree structure. If so, you're set!

    Feel free to ping me if you need any advice or a sympathetic ear. :)



    BS, Excesior College, 2004
  5. Tony Schroeder

    Tony Schroeder New Member

    Re: Re: FEMA EMI Credits - Excelsior - Current Credits - Suggestions?

    That should read "be sure they don't duplicate any other coursework".

    I may have a degree, but I still can't type.

  6. carlosamador

    carlosamador New Member

    I had a question on the FEMA EMI Credits with Excelsior. I know that the transcript comes from FCC. What is the cost involved in say 3 semester credit hours being transferred to your Excelsior degree from FCC via FEMA EMI - hope that question makes sense.
  7. CadeTheNascarStar

    CadeTheNascarStar New Member

    I'm just wondering if we need to pay the $60/per-credit to have it placed on the FCC transcript? Or, will Excelsior accept just the certificate?

  8. carlosamador

    carlosamador New Member

    I am not sure but I was writing to verify that it is the $60 per credit hour. To me that wouldn't be too high of a price towards getting my degree but I would not get all my credits transfered over at the same time. Perhaps in sets of 2 or 3 so the cost would be manageable. Anyone have any feedback on this?
  9. Hille

    Hille Active Member

    FEMA EMI credits

    Hi, Feel free to contact me via e-mail about these credits. I hope to be done the entire list shortly. Hille
  10. carlosamador

    carlosamador New Member

    I have contacted Excelsior and upon learning if they will accept FEMA EMI credits via TESC transcriptions will post my feedback. Otherwise it is $60 per credit hour going through FCC.
  11. Hille

    Hille Active Member


    TESC has not evaluated IS 055, and IS362. These must be transcripted by FCC if you want the credit. IS 15 and 513 are currently be reworked according to the FEMA website and were given upper level credit in July of 2004..Hille

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