Faulkner PhD in Health Sciences, 18 Months Min

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    Faulkner University, a Christian non-profit B&M in Alabama, offers an online PhD in Health Sciences it states can be completed in 18 months. The program intends to prepare graduates for "administrative, academic, and clinical settings."

    The first phase of 10 courses x 3 = 30 sh can be completed in one year. Then the 15 sh dissertation phase "can be completed in six months, depending on the student."

    Courses are 5 weeks with rolling admissions and 10 entry points each year. Admissions requires a graduate degree in health sciences or related, minimum GPA 3.0.

    (780 per sh tuition + 75 per sh online course fee) x 45 sh = 38 475, plus general fee of 350 per semester (or 250 if 5 sh or less).

    Faulkner University is affiliated with the Churches of Christ [Restoration movement], the same denomination as Amberton, Pepperdine, and others.
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    A dissertation in 6 months, to earn a PhD?

    Run by a guy who didn't write a dissertation in his first doctorate and won't write one in his second?

    Doesn't that grind your gears?
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    Yeah, that's interesting. I think a minimum of an academic year is more realistic. IRB approval (depending on the school) may take a few months. Writing and revising five chapters in 6 months seems like a stretch.
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    Healthcare seems to be the common theme with many of these fast paced doctorates as of late.
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    I think that's because the EdD market is saturated and both education and healthcare are full of people wanting to move "off the line" and into administration.
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    That’s a good point. Other than the self paced CBE South College EdD, are there many other EdDs marketing this speed? Selfishly, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this in the DIT space.
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    A quick search shows Spalding, Rockhurst, ACE all identifying 2 year EdD. I'm sure there are more on this board.
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    Oh absolutely, two years is easy to find. Those marketing 18 month doctorates stand out.
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    TESU was supposed to eventually offer an 18-month track for their DBA. It looks like they've given up on that. OSU does not advertise that their Doctor of Forensic Science is 12 months or 18 months, but if you're transferring in 30 credits, it should be possible to finish in 12 months. I posted a DMin that can be completed in fewer than 1.5 years; that was South College's CBE program. Colorado State University has a 42-credit doctor of engineering, but I don't know what the typical completion time is.
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    This sounds sooo interesting, But I doubt if I need to tackle anything other than my Phd Leadership at Cumberland at this time

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