Expert Cited by CBS Says He Didn't Authenticate Papers

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by BLD, Sep 14, 2004.

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    I don't think CBS necessarily has an extreme liberal bias--just a nose for juicy scandals (which bring in really good ratings)--but I've come to the conclusion that the Killian letter is almost certainly a hoax.

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    This is getting embarrassing. How long before CBS fesses up to knowingly broadcasting fictitious documents? At what point does whatever shred of credibility they have left go completely out the window? Well, they're not done yet. This National Guard document business continues to get worse and worse.

    CBS continues to drink the Kerry campaign Kool-Aid. What they won't reveal is where the documents came from. Since they are most likely complete forgeries, where did they come from? CBS itself? Did some enterprising producer trying to break a big story just make them up? Did the DNC type them up in Microsoft Word, run them through the copier a few times, then fax them to Dan Rather? Actually .. I think not. But I'm sure the Kerry campaign wishes that this particular kafuffle hadn't come about. People know the documents were forged, even if CBS won't admit it, and the natural inclination is to look to the Kerry campaign for a source. CBS needs to clear the air.
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    Even if the Kerry camp had nothing to do with this, it will most certainly hurt Kerry. Because of the perceived liberal slant of CBS, which I personally believe exists, Kerry is guilty by association. Many people believe CBS is carrying the water for the democrats. So any negativity with regard to the election toward CBS will also reflect on the dems.
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    I couldn't believe Rather's response to this whole matter today. He said even though the documents may be fake, the contents are accurate.

    Rather has shown a far left bias since the days of Richard Nixon when he openly used bitter sarcasm during a news conference with Nixon.

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