excelsior wants my fema transcript???

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  1. i am currently in the process of evaluation at excelsior and i sent them my military transcript, i had added some of my fema emi courses to it and now excelsior wants it to continue my eval, why is this? are they giving credit to these courses now? i mailed out a request to send my fema stuff to excelsior, i guess ill keep you guys posted.
  2. wilder

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    I'll be interested to hear what you learn. I have just finished twelve FEMA courses, and was preparing to open a credit bank at Thomas Edison. Do you mean to say that you think Excelsior may now be accepting these credits directly? I am not military, so had assumed TESC to be my only option. Would be great to avoid that fee!
  3. MichaelGates

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    It might be that Excelsior will be offering credit directly, and again they might not. I have seen them make someone sends all copies of transcripts, even if one is an unaccredidated college and they know it is unacredidated, just so they can have everything you have done and then send you a letter saying that they do not except unacredidated college credits. It's wait and see time.

    I am currently having TESC look at my FEMA transcript again to see if they will give me more credits, since I have completed more courses since they last looked at it. My transcript I sent them has all the FEMA Independent Study courses on it, except the new one, IS-197, that came out yesterday. I have completed IS-197 and will sent it to TESC at some later date.
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    Are you saying you had them added to a SMART or AARTS transcript? That would be great if that were the case. Let us know if that is what you did.
  5. yeah i did that about half way through my kick when i was doing them, i did about 40 of them and my boss said the only way the navy would care about it is if i had them added to my smarts. so i had an offical transcript sent to my home and then it took it to my navy college office and then added it to my smarts. As far as excelsior i emailed them about it and i am awaiting response. If they give me credit for thoes fema courses ill have 200+ credits!(but still have to do some upper level)
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    Off topic, but are you in the OMR?
  7. i dont think they are going to give credit for them, i just got an email from them saying that they only give credits it you get them 1st at FCC stated on the emi website. BUT that email was not from the admissions office where my transcript so we will still have to wait and see.
  8. Tylin

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    I hope they do take the credits directly, it would be nice not having to pay to bank them first. Thank you for keeping us posted. :D
  9. startover

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    I have completed 10 (so far) myself, and am very interested in the outcome. If I don't have to spend 380 on the Tesc credit bank in order to gain Excelsior credit, that would be wonderful.
  10. japhy4529

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    I am also interested in learning if Excelsior will accept FEMA EMI credits directly (without going through the TESC credit bank first). Please let me know what you learn!

  11. well my fema transcript arrived at excelsior yesterday, still no word from excelsior so i am going to call them on monday. Ill keep you guys posted.
  12. japhy4529

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    Have you heard back from Excelsior yet regarding your FEMA transcripts?

    Please let us know how you made out. I am waiting to apply with Excelsior until I know if they will accept FEMA credits directly (I'll probably apply either way, but it would be good to know whether or not I need to budget in an extra $380 for the TESC credit bank).

    - Tom
  13. well, i applied to excelsior and then they kicked it back and said i needed to just enroll, so they sent my money back and gave me no evaluation so enrolled... and they said it will be like 4 weeks before they have my evaluation done, i told them that they have had all my transcripts for 2 months and they said it is different now or something, their customer service sucks, BUT they were very helpful in helping me enroll so i guess ill keep you guys posted.
  14. startover

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    Thank you-- I've been watching to hear how it goes for you as well. I've now completed about half of the FEMA classes, and am on a very tight budget.
  15. CoachTurner

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    I've never found that Excelsior's customer service was anything less than helpfull. What I did find was that if they say it will take 8 weeks to do something that they will take about 8 weeks to do it.

    I've also found that they don't do a lot for free. They like for people to be enrolled before they expend time and money.

    Both issues probably have to do with size. The enrollment at Excelsior College is huge. Over 100,000 graduates and 27,800+ students.

    Sure, it's frustrating at times but I've found that the integrity level at Excelsior is very high. If they say X then it is X for everyone. I like that...
  16. well, excelsior finally got back with me, they said that id have to do have my fema credits evaluated before they'd accept them, sorry guys.
  17. pugbelly

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    Evaluated...by FCC or by TESC?
  18. fcc, i didnt ask about tesc
  19. japhy4529

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    Well, I wouldn't ask, rather I woule tell them that you are going to have them credit banked by TESC. This has been done before (search for fema excelsior posts on this forum and you will see information regarding this from MichaelGates) and will save you a lot of money. Don't accept no for an answer!

    BTW, I think I remember reading somewhere that a student did in fact successfully transfer FEMA credits directly to Excelsior without a middleman. Perhaps I was imagining it (or wishing it was true!).

    - Tom
  20. pugbelly

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    I am unaware of any direct transfer of FEMA credit to Excelsior, but I know there has been success banking them at TESC first.


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