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    I was disappointed in how the student ID looked. (Maybe they have changed it in the last year or two?) I wanted to get student discounts, but most places expected a photo on the student ID and for it to look more official. I guess some places will accept copies of the paid tuition invoice. Should I enroll in one class at a community college or another online school? Don't know if part-time qualifies.

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    Most of the institutions don't use random picture to the student for the Student I.D.
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    I have an STA student ID you need to show them proof that you're a student and it costs around $14 and is recognized worldwide... I got soooo many discounts with it when I was traveling through Europe.
  4. i got like 5 of those blank excelsior id cards, i thought they were funny. I have used them to get discounts in the past.
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    Well, when I was at Argosy they sent me a piece of paper laminated, no school logo just very simple, stated the name of the school, degree program, campus, and date of enrollment, something I could have done myself and I would have added the logo, but considering that every class costs about $2,500 dollars plus fees and other hidden costs, you would expect something more professional.

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