Evaluate my exams or sit for more exams?

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  1. aircon

    aircon New Member

    I've completed part of two different degrees and wanted to enroll in one of the Big Three.
    Would it be better if I send my transcripts to be evaluated first, or sit for a few more exams to get credits and then send all of them for evaluation?
  2. james_lankford

    james_lankford New Member

    I'm pretty sure you can just get a user id for the excelsior website, go there and download a pdf showing what courses are required for which degree

    you can pretty much do your own evaluation
  3. aircon

    aircon New Member

    Thank you for your reply james.

    I've created a user id and went through the docmentation in the user area.

    Considering that I live outside of the U.S., and thus will have to go through the Educational Credential Evaluators, will I have to pay ECE for the evaluation of the exams I have now, and then $350 for the re-evaluation fee of the exams that I will need to complete my degree?
  4. james_lankford

    james_lankford New Member

    oh wow
    that's a really tough question
    I really have no answer for that

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