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    Which one was that (if you don't mind sharing)? I think the difference in some of these programs is how fast one can start based on admission requirements. A lot of folks are endeared to "open or rolling admissions" programs because you can start immediately without waiting for any test scores (like GMAT or GRE) to complete the admissions packet.

    This program is really cheap and it should moved somewhere on the forum such that folks looking for a cheap MBA from a B & M school can find it with ease.
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    The cost of the entire ENMU MBA degree is equivalent to three graduate courses at UMUC! :eek:mfg:
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    Amberton University's tuition is $225/credit. Not significantly higher per credit than ENMU, but it requires 36 credits, making a huge difference. Also, I don't think that the $225.00 includes fees, but the $180.50 from ENMU does.
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    The Degreeinfo is a wealth of information, but it may not be easy for a person to find what he or she is looking for. The Sticky is a good first step but too many stickies may get complicated. ENMU is the lowest cost RA MBA. Aspen lowest cost DETC graduate programs.UNISA is cheap. Degreeinfo should have lists that schools can get onto when they meet the wow factors. It should be difficult to get on the list but easy to get off. Geteducated has been using its lists to get a fair amount of publicity. Making the Degreeinfo list will be news worthy event both for degree info and the schools. Degreeinfo can make money by schools using degreeinfo’s logo on their site or advertising on degreeinfo.
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    Behold the power of Chip!
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    I sent your post to the moderators and it was well received. Good work!
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    How about Fitchburg State University

    Another school that is of great value is Fitchburg State U. online MBA program with 2 concentrations.

    $831 for 3 hour class for in/out of State
    30 credits total
    can be completed in 17 months taking 1 class every 7 weeks
    accredited by the IACBE

    Very liberal in waiving the pre req. and GMAT. I was told they would waive both.

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