Engineering Degree with existing credits!! Where should i go??

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by shahchittal, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. shahchittal

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    Here is my situations guys. I have a diploma in mechanical engineering from India, This was 3 years post high school college degree so i expect to get at least 60-90 credits out of it. I also have a MBA form California Coast University (DETC rec) and a Project management professional certification. I wish to use this all and get closer to minimum required credits for my Bachelor degree completion, I want to get this degree in Mechanical engineering related field. Can you suggest which school I should go to make it more easier to complete my degree. Cost is also a important factor but I can afford to spending 5-6K on this. Any guidance on my situation? I am leaning to COSC from little research i have done so far, but want to find out from the experts what will be my best option.
  2. dlcurious

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    Seems like the first thing you would need to do is to get your diploma transcript looked at by an international credit evaluator to give US-based schools an idea of if / how they would grant credit for the coursework. Could be wrong but I believe COSC only accepts ACE-reviewed nationally accredited credits, and I'm not sure if CCU's grad level courses meet this criteria. I can't find anything indicating credit being given for the PMP certification on their site, nut maybe others have experience / knowledge with this. Good luck!
  3. Ian Anderson

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    Your situation was similar to mine. I moved to the USA from the UK and had a 5-year certificate in engineering. Over the years I took additional engineering courses at universities (by attending evening classes), took a bunch of arts and sciences classes by various methods, then applied to Excelsior College who accepted all my courses including those from the UK (these were evaluated by ECE) and awarded be a BSLS. Even though I worked for several companies no one ever questioned by BSLS degree and it was accepted by the only two graduate degree programs I applied to.

    The Excelsior BSLS allows you to have up to 59 semester hours of credit in professional courses (engineering, business, education, law and the like). In my opinion it is the most flexible degree I know of (not easy but flexible).
  4. shahchittal

    shahchittal New Member

    Ian, so you got a degree in Liberal Science using your engineering credits? how long did this took, how expensive was it? can it be all completed by exams. I am also planning to go this way but I am not sure how this liberal science degree will be treated in engineering field, how I can prove that most of my credits are from mechanical engineering...does it shows that liberal science with Major in Mechanical or concentration in engineering or any thing of that line.
  5. ryoder

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    You could easily get a bsba comp info sys at Thomas Edison State College I think. They also have a bachelors in applied science and technology. You might also want to consider a math degree. No engineer would look down on a degree in math imho.

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