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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by blaketots, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. blaketots

    blaketots New Member

    I just noticed an advertisement in the Chronicle of Higher Education for instructors at a *new* online university. It appears to be unaccredited. Anyone heard of them?
    Here's the job ad:

    Position: Adjunct Faculty/Online Instructors
    Institution: Endeavor University
    Location: Utah
    Date posted: 11/17/2004

    Multiple Adjunct Online Instructors Endeavor University Location: Online (Utah) Endeavor University is an exclusively online university in the final stages of formation. We are looking for experienced teachers to help launch our ambitious program. Our vision is to provide higher education to adults whose circumstances prevent attendance at a traditional university. Teach basic college courses online in a nine-week format with a small class size. Instruction is asynchronous, so you can work from home and set your own work hours. We are looking for part-time adjunct instructors to teach introductory college level courses in History, Math, English and Business. Qualifications: Teaching experience at an accredited institution required; Master's degree preferred, Bachelor's degree required. Computer competency required. Experience teaching online preferred. Candidates will complete an online teacher training program prior to being hired. Application information: http://www.endeavoru.com/eu/instructor.htm. Contact: Endeavor University, 1195 North 730 East, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, or [email protected]. Contact Information: E-mail : [email protected] Web Site : http://www.endeavoru.com Endeavor University 1195 North 730 East Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
  2. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Hmmmm. Much of the text on the site says the right things . . . but under "Faculty and Staff" the total listing, for this institution that allegedly has been around for two years, is:

    Lynn Taylor, President and Founder
    Gary Taylor, Executive Agent
    Brad Hibbs, Customer Relationship Director
    Devon Taylor, Information Technology Director
    Michelle Bauer, Sales & Marketing Director
    Donna Taylor, Financial Director
    Deanne Taylor, Administrative Director

    So who are Hibbs and Bauer?
  3. blaketots

    blaketots New Member

    The faculty ad does say that they are at the final stages of formation and are preparing to roll out their program. I guess they do not plan to have any full-time faculty, which means getting accredited will be difficult.
  4. dis.funk.sh.null

    dis.funk.sh.null New Member

    Then again, it could be a part of their strategy; they may hire a full-time faculty later on. Not sure how they claim to be in operation for two years already. That part did not make senseto me...
  5. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Doesn't sound good to me. The founder, Lynn Taylor, was working on his master's in '02 and now he's running a university, even a startup one? It smells of the hobby shop and the scrapbook store: a nice family project with doubtful claims on glory or permanence.

    It doesn't sound smarmy. It does sound extremely unrealistic, and not quite real.

    I gotta say that the flying codpiece on the seal is quite something.
  6. blaketots

    blaketots New Member

    I personally thought it was strange for them to advertise in the Chronicle of Higher Education if they were illegitimate. It seems like a sure way to spread the negative word. I guess time will tell.
  7. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    blaketots: "I personally thought it was strange for them to advertise in the Chronicle of Higher Education if they were illegitimate. It seems like a sure way to spread the negative word."

    John: It used to be common practice for bad and fake schools to run such ads, and either sign up adjunct faculty (who would never get students) or just use the names of the ad-responders without their knowledge.

    For the last 7 or 8 years, I've had an informal consulting relationship with The Chronicle, in which they ask me about a would-be ad-placer with whom they are not familiar, and I've put on two workshops for their advertising staff on how to spot phonies. But the woman in charge of recruitment advertising left earlier this year, and I think her replacement was not aware of this situation. Now she is.
  8. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    janko: "I gotta say that the flying codpiece on the seal is quite something."

    john: Perhaps an early hint of what their athletic teams will be called.
  9. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

  10. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    Oxpeckers, of course.

  11. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Don't you remember Uncle Brad and Aunt Michelle? :) Clearly the rest are home-grown.

    It's a concern when so many of the principals are related. It's also a concern when it is clear they know little about universities. Going to one does not give you insight into the inner workings and how to run one.

    Having said all that, it appears to be a naive attempt at creating a university. I don't think that there is anything nefarious involved; just plain lack of knowledge. If they are serious, they would hire a staff member or a consultant to flesh out those parts of the program that are weak.

    I do like that they are only offering two majors and only bachelor's degrees. One of those sure signs of a degree mill is when they are offering 400 majors at all levels.

    They will never be regionally accredited with this present structure, but DETC is possible if they could pull it together, hire someone who knows what he/she is doing, and not hire every relative on the planet.

    Apparently, they even have a position, Director of Customer Relationship, that can tell their students who they are related to. :)

    Tom Nixon
  12. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Oxp.: Why, of course! Silly me. J.
  13. Alex

    Alex New Member

    On Nov 20 (3 days after the Chronicle ad), their front page says "Latest News: Overwhelming Response" in large letters at the top of the page. They report having already received a large number of applicants.

    They seem sincere in their desire to start an online university with quality education. Maybe they'll pull it off.

  14. Alex

    Alex New Member

    Just checked the Chronicle site for new online adjunct listings, and noticed that the Endeavor University listing is no longer there. Usually job postings are retained online for at least several weeks.


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