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    From what I can gather, an Excelsior exam is ordered and paid for directly from Excelsior. Then, Excelsior provides a confirmation letter, which is then provided to a Prometric testing center. Is the prometric testing fee already included when paying Excelsior? Or is a testing fee paid directly to Prometric on testing day? Please advise.

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    P.S. Any comments regarding the ECE Human Resources exam itself would be appreciated.
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    Yes the cost for Prometric proctoring is already included. No you don't need your letter. I had already taken mine before my letters ever showed up in the mail. You will be in the prometric system within 48-72 hours. Then you can register for your test whether or not you have your letter in hand. HTH
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    Abner :)

    P.S. Do you find out your results the same day like a CLEP test?
  4. Lauradglas

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    Yep. You'll get a printout immediately following. HTH

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