DSST Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union

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    I really wanted these upper level history credits, so I ordered every book off the fact sheet. There are only two that are really worth buying. The Soviet Colossus, by Michael Kort, is hands down the best book, and it is the only one I made it through cover to cover. And, although it's a bit more expensive, The Atlas of Russian History by Michael Gilbert is very nice to have. It's in chronological order, so I paged through it as I was reading the other book to keep it all straight. Even if you don't order this particular atlas, I highly recommend a map of the country, as the western borders changed quite a lot through Russia's history. All the names are the toughest thing. Like taking an exam about 100 people named John Smith, Joe Smith, and Jack Smith would be...if that makes any sense.

    I studied for ten days, probably about 40-45 hours altogether, and passed with a 59, which is an 'A' at Excelsior.

    Here's some more resources:






    Good luck!
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    I took it recently, and I didn't study as much as I should...mostly used Wikipedia...but I passed!

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