Dr. Bob Dylan is Knockin on Heaven's Door.

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    Bob Dylan is indeed Knockin on Heaven's Door. On Wednesday, June 16, Scotland's University of St. Andrews awarded the music legend an honorary doctor of music degree. Dylan was also awarded an honorary doctorate from Princeton in 1970.
  2. italiansupernova

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    Dang Russell, your headline lead me to believe that he was dying!
  3. GENO

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    He wont be workin on Maggie's Farm no more. With those credentials he can now solve Love Minus Zero Over No Limit. Yes to dance beneath the diamond sky with one waving free...let me forget about today until tomorrow. The man is a lyrical genius. His writings should be part of American literature courses. Probably are somewhere.
  4. Jonathan Whatley

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    New Paintings Reignite The Bob Dylan Copycat Debate (Joel Rose, NPR, October 18, 2011)
  5. 03310151

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    Great thread necromancy JW.

    It's hard when you are a fan of someone and then things like this pop up. It's kind of like the plagiarism done by MLK or the scandal of Duke Cunningham. Had to admire anyone anymore. The minute you profess to like someone someone else goes digging for dirt.

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