Doctor of Science from Dakota State or Capitol College ?

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  1. XOR()

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    I would like to ask for your expert opinion about the pros and cons from the Doctor of Science program offered by Capitol College and Dakota State Univ. , considering admission to both programs and that financial cost will be covered by employer.

    My long-term objective is to investigate and continue innovative and cutting edge work in the area of computer security and information assurance. I intend to achieve this objective through the coordination of academic and industry research initiatives. Although the primary goal is to teach and research in an academic setting, but with my strong background in software engineering and law enforcement consulting, I wish to attain the technical seniority that is sufficient to influence the direction of academic, industrial or governmental research.

    Final concern, which degree would be more recognized in the academic setting?

    Thanks in advance for your kind orientation.
  2. SteveFoerster

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    Given your long term objective I would say Capitol College. However, more realistically I would say apply to both and see who has the space to accept you. If only one of them, then your decision is easy.
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    I am currently a doctoral candidate at Dakota State. It's a great program and it is also recognized by the NSA as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance. I know that admissions are VERY competitive these days so I would recommend applying to both.
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    How do you like the program/content so far? Also, what specialization did you choose? I am looking at this program or the PhD in Tech Management from ISU and am leaning towards DSU due to the lower tuition as well as the specializations. Thanks for any info/update you can provide!

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