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  1. Neuhaus

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    Though it was far less dramatic than the ABET accreditation, I'd add that the CCNE accreditation for Aspen and Ashworth was also a fairly transformative moment. Things like this change the math in the NA vs RA debate.
  2. Lerner

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    Some DEAC (former DETC) degree holders may find UK Universities and other overseas universities more accepting of DETC /DEAC degrees in to post grad programs.
    The issue that some may encounter is programmatic accreditation requirements of graduate school programs. So one should check by discipline.
    But in general its good that people are warned about utility and acceptance of degrees. It got so competitive that even good state RA degree may not be sufficient.
  3. Hamburger

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    The National Tax Training School is accredited by the DETC.
    I think it is an excellent school.
    I have certificates from both of its tax courses.

    AA - History - Rockland Community College
    AAS - Accounting - Rockland Community College
    AAS - Business Administration - Rockland Community College
    BA - History - Dominican College of Blauvelt
    BSc - Accounting - Dominican College of Blauvelt
    Graduate Business Certificate - University at Buffalo - The State University of New York

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