DEGREES OF SUSPICION -From the issue dated June 25, 2004

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    What ever happend in this case?

    From the issue dated June 25, 2004
    It was a revelation rich in irony: A member of a college accreditation board holds a Ph.D. from a "university" that sells doctorates to anyone with $1,500. This year The Chronicle reported that Michael Davis, a member of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, received his doctorate from Saint Regis University, which claims recognition from the government of war-torn Liberia and requires little, if any, academic work. He has since been booted from the board.

    Most people in higher education probably dismissed the news as a laughable aberration. Regrettable and embarrassing, but nothing more.
    two professors at accredited colleges in New York State each operate an offshore university that awards an array of degrees, including doctorates. Neither operation comes close to meeting the standards of its accredited counterparts in the United States.

    Academe has become home to a flourishing underground market in degrees -- and judging by the reaction of some administrators, legitimate colleges often don't seem to care, or at least not enough to thoroughly check the backgrounds of their professors. "That the people who hold these degrees make excuses doesn't surprise me," says David Linkletter, a program specialist with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. "That institutions defend them does."
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    Adam Smith, Louisiana based, wonder to know whether the office still around after flushed by Katrina Hurricane. What about the certificates and transcripts?

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    It was my understanding that, as a result of this, Mr. Davis is no longer affiliated with ACICS.

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