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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by mineralhh, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. mineralhh

    mineralhh New Member

    As a side note for those into tech gadgets, DI loads fine on the browser of the sony psp handheld. worth trying if you got such a device and wlan access around. Sweet for reading (not writing though :) ) posts on the couch or garden!
  2. miguelstefan

    miguelstefan New Member

    Awesome catch MineralHH, I do the same thing from my Palm LifeDrive – Amazing gadget – but I was not aware that the PSP could do that too. I guess the creators of South Park are right, god created the PSP and there is nothing it can not do. How do you enter text in the web browser with the PSP?
  3. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    Speaking of cool gadgets, I saw the neatest device today at BestBuy. There were two models, one was made by Sony, the other I forgot, but it connected to your DVR or TiVo and your broadband internet. It resent the TV signals to you over the internet.

    Basically, with your PSP or notebook computer (I guess with ipaq or palm as well), you could be sitting anywhere in the world where you have high speed internet access and watch the TV shows you have saved on your DVR or TiVo!!!!!

    I wonder now if we will be able to enroll in Open University UK programs soon. Many of their courses were only available in the UK because you needed access to BBC channels.
  4. mineralhh

    mineralhh New Member

    It's an insane work, you type on a virtual numpad just like you would be typing short messages on a cell phone. Would love to see a typical DesElms post be composed on such a machine :)
  5. miguelstefan

    miguelstefan New Member

    So basically it is a case of carpal tunnel syndrome waiting to happen. :D

    Good one MineralHH...

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