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    I forgot to add that, since TESU counts many (not all) criminal justice courses as social sciences, they can be used to fill general education electives and the liberal studies area of study in addition to free electives. In theory, you can use up to 77 criminal justice credits towards a BA in Liberal Studies or a BA in Social Science at TESU if they fall into the social science category. But, if you had that many criminal justice credits, you should just get a BA in Criminal Justice.
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    My Excelsior BS is in liberal studies. Half or more of m credits are in engineering and related topics. I was already working in engineering however my BS got me accepted into two grad programs. My BS documentation (which is ten or more years old) does not define that it is in liberal studies but that may have changed.
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    I believe that Excelsior puts the major on diploma. I know the major is on the transcript which is what most employers ask for. It doesn't really matter, though. I know I wouldn't lie about what my degree is in.

    It's possible for you to argue your case for a job that asks for a different degree if you have many credits in that area. For example, I applied to jobs asking for criminal justice degrees even though my BA is in social science. I put on my cover letter that I had taken several criminal justice courses; I also had experience in the criminal justice field. I managed to get some interviews. On the other hand, if I were applying for jobs that had a preference or requirement for a political science or economics degree, I wouldn't be able to make a case for myself because I have no experience and hardly any college coursework in those fields. So, if the OP is looking to go into communications or something that's not CJ-related, I think it would be hard for him or her to make a case with a BS in Liberal Arts (that's the current name for the Excelsior degree) mostly made up of criminal justice credits and no experience in the occupation he or she is applying for.
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    Thank you everyone for all the input, I am thinking of seeking a degree with a more varied tittle, something that would give me a more diverse and greater chance of securing employment outside of law enforcement field. Now this is contingent on "if" i leave law enforcement. I have narrowed my choices down to computer information systems, finance and general management as i feel these degrees offer the broadest range of employment opportunities. I am aware these choices may slow me down or require me to take extra test and or classes. I am just thinking long term and weighting options. Any thoughts or advice on the 3 chosen degrees?
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