Curious about TEL Learning - Finishing BACS / BSBA from TESU

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  1. deoniceo

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    Hi there,

    I am curious if anyone knows how these TEL courses transfer into TESU through their transcribing colleges?

    Introduction to Information Technology - would this be BUS-104? Wondering if it would work as BSBA AOS.
    Quantitative Analysis I - would this be BUS-210 to satisfy the quantitative skills requirement of BSBA?

    Also, what is the course format? Is it just quizzes and tests? I didn't find much information on their site.

    I am in the process of finishing up my BACS and BSBA from TESU and I have maxed out Non-RA credits. I still need to complete a few RA courses to finish up both degrees, along with a single term at TESU.

    For the BACS, I still need: COS-111, COS-451, CIS-351, LIB-495

    And for the BSBA, I still need: SIS-150, BUS-210, BUS-495, plus 1 programming and 2 AOS electives

    I have already completed the following RA courses. Everything else in Non-RA:

    MAT-210 - Calculus,: ASU
    SOS-110 - Critical Reasoning : TESU
    SOC-110 - Introduction to Sociology : TECEP
    CIS-107 - Computer Concepts : TECEP
    BUS-101 - Intro to Business : TECEP

    I am thinking about a combination of TECEP, TEL, and ASU to close the gap so that I can take my 5 BACS courses at TESU plus the BUS-495 in one term.

    Looking for information about TEL but I am open to other ideas as well.
  2. Rachel83az

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    We haven't really had any students take TEL classes and then report back their equivalencies. It's going to depend not only on what TEL classes are taken, but also what college or university the transcripts are on.

    For instance, at MACU, Intro to Information Technology is CMSC 1303 Computer Literacy while at McMurry University, it's COSC 1322 Intro to Computer Science & Info Technology. These would probably be brought in as slightly different course numbers at TESU. I don't think either of them will be Business courses. Sophia's Intro to IT transfers to TESU as CIS-1070 Computer Concepts and Applications and the TEL courses will likely be similar, if not identical.

    For BUS-2100, the ONLY course we know of that meets TESU's requirements is the CSM Course. That's not RA, but it might be your only option. If you take TEL Learning's Quantitative Literacy, it might work. But it might also go into electives. Again, a lot depends on the school where it's transcripted.

    • What is SIS-150? That's not a valid TESU prefix.
    • For COS-1100, sign up for It's probably not going to be available again until next year because there are no scheduled start dates after August.
    • If you want COS-4510, you have to take that at TESU. Or somewhere else significantly more expensive. It's reported to be relatively easy/straightforward.
    • CIS-3510 is either from TESU (reportedly fast/easy) or Saylor

    You're probably going to have to replace a couple of non-RA classes with RA ones. And/or see if you can find XAMK courses that might fit the requirements. I think some planning got mixed up along the way? With the RA you've already done, plus 15 TESU credits in one term, that's 30 RA credits and that should be more than sufficient. If you can post screenshots of BOTH degrees, as they are now and minus personally identifying information, that should help clear things up.
  3. deoniceo

    deoniceo New Member

    Hi, by SIS-150 I meant SOS-150. I considered CSE-110 from ASU but its not self-paced and its 16 weeks. I really prefer the self-paced courses, especially for programming since I already know the material.

    I definitely got mixed up along the way with my planning and took too many Non-RA courses.

    Below are screenshots of the two advisories. These do not show 3 courses which I've completed but have not been transferred yet:

    MAN-301 from Sophia
    COS-306 from Study
    COS-302 from Study

    Below are screenshots of the advisories of my two degrees, not included the three courses mentioned above.

    The BACS:

    And the BSBA:

    advisory-bacs.jpg adivsory-bsba.jpg
  4. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    Yeah, ASU isn't self-paced, but it's RA. You can complete it while working on all the other stuff you need to finish. It's one of the easiest/cheapest ways to add RA credit. With the exception of XAMK and TEL Learning, other sources are going to cost at least 2-3x as much for a random class.

    Also, be aware that TEL Learning requires multiple assignments and 2 proctored exams per course, so it might actually take you as long (or longer) than ASU to finish.

    Now, on to your evaluations. You somehow left off the bit at the top that tells exactly how many ACE/NCCRS credits have applied to each degree so far. Also, the key at the top that tells what each source is. It makes it a little difficult to read what you've got.

    I'm not sure why BUS-101 is in the "Other Credits" section for the BSBA CIS if it's a TECEP. It should be an elective, displacing non-RA credit. You might want to contact an advisor (preferably Don Stoltz) to ask for it to be moved to your electives.

    That said, it looks like all of your RA credit so far has applied to the BACS. If you're going to do another 15 credits at TESU (two capstones, plus 3 more courses), that takes care of the RA credit for the BACS.

    For the BSBA CIS, the 15 TESU credits you'll be taking should push out most of the current electives. If you can get BUS-101 moved to electives as well, that should cover your RA requirements. But I strongly suggest the ASU course to cover the programming requirement. It takes very little time per week (1-2 hours?) for someone who is experienced in programming, leaving plenty of time for the remainder of your courses.
  5. deoniceo

    deoniceo New Member

    Below are those two sections you mentioned.

    For the BACS:


    And for the BSBA:

    upload_2023-7-23_12-15-17.png upload_2023-7-23_12-14-45.png upload_2023-7-23_12-15-17.png
  6. deoniceo

    deoniceo New Member

    I also thought it was odd that BUS-101, which was a TECEP exam was not showing under electives in the BSBA.

    My hesitation with the ASU programming course is that it starts in August, so it won't finish until December. My goal was to complete the degrees this year and apply to a Masters program to start next year. I am really trying to get everything done before the September term. Then take the last 5 courses at TESU in September.
  7. AsianStew

    AsianStew Moderator Staff Member

    I would focus on the remaining courses that you can transfer into TESU and complete them, like the CSM Learn course for your missing BSBA requirement, any other combo of courses for the rest of the BACS requirements. Once done, get another evaluation and ask to put the courses into the right places if they're not in the degree properly. Then the final 5 courses you need to do at TESU, work on those last...
  8. deoniceo

    deoniceo New Member

    I was considering the following:

    Take 5 TECEP exams in August, assuming I receive credit for at least 4:

    Liberal Arts Math
    Financial Accounting
    Introduction to Political Science

    These would bump out non-RA courses giving me the ability to take these:

    SOS-150 equivalent from
    And a programming course

    And, then rounding it out with these courses from TESU in September:


    The only other option I can think of is finding self-paced RA equivalents of the 4 remaining BSBA courses I need. I am not sure that works.
  9. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    Above the Program Summary section, there should be something that looks like this. You might need to expand notes to be able to view it?


    What's important is how many credit hours TESU thinks you've got toward each degree. It's a lot easier than trying to count RA credits and subtract. :)

    If you start your last 5 TESU classes in September, you're not graduating until March anyway: You could take everything but programming and 5 TESU classes and do it alongside. I've taken the ASU programming class. You can absolutely do it alongside your TESU stuff, it's so easy. I don't know how difficult TESU's Intro to Programming is, though. Looking at the syllabus, it's got a proctored midterm and 7 programming assignments. It might be "easy" but quite time-consuming.

    Taking more 5 TECEPs seems a bit overkill. Like I said, you should be at right around 30 RA credits already when you factor in the 15 credit term you'll take.
  10. deoniceo

    deoniceo New Member

    Thank you both for the feedback. I now realize where I was getting sideways.

    I did not factor in that the 5 courses taken in September would bump out some of my existing non-RA elective courses, reducing my used non-RA credits. Based on that your suggestions make sense.

    Also, I do realize now the September term does not complete until almost the end of November, so the ASU programming course does seem to make sense.

    Thanks again for the suggestions and help.

    As far as currently applied credits, here are those two screenshots.




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