Csu - global - should i stay under extended accreditation or change it?

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  1. JMOR

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    Hi All -

    Next month I will be graduating with a Master in Management degree from Colorado State University Global Campus, and was not sure if I should request the university to "change my accreditation":

    "Prior to receiving independent regional accreditation on June 30, 2011, CSU-Global Campus operated under extended accreditation from the Colorado State University System campuses of CSU in Fort Collins (graduate degrees) and CSU- Pueblo (undergraduate degrees).

    Admitted students starting a degree program prior to September 2011 were offered the option to continue their studies under an extended regional accreditation from CSU System campuses. The following indi- cator noted on the front of the transcript will identify students enrolled under extended accreditation:

    • Colorado State University-Pueblo online baccalaureate degree completion program offered through CSU-Global Cam- pus.

    • Colorado State University online master’s degree program offered through CSU-Global Campus."

    I personally would like to stay under extended accreditation, so that there is a "direct link" between my degree and the Fort Collins campus. However, if I do this my transcript will show that the degree was earned online?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!! THANKS!
  2. Lerner

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    As an Engineer with career of 30 years in USA, I worked for small companies and large world wide enterprises.
    Only Once I had to provide evaluation of foreign credentials, I had WES to evaluate my degree from Ukraine. That's it, other companies, well known respected corporations never asked for my educational credentials to be provided, be it degrees earned in USA, UK or Ukraine.
    Maybe others here had different experience.

    Maybe it can have effect when you apply for a teaching job at college.
    Growing number of traditional colleges and universities offer DL classes and degrees. So with years it may not be an issue but today maybe some one may look at it unfavorably.

    In today's atmosphere I would prefer to avoid on-line wording on transcript.
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  3. Fortunato

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    How would that be any more or less telling than having your transcript show that your degree was earned from CSU Global Campus? Anyone who looks up the school will see that all of its programs are online programs. Personally, I'd stay under the extended accreditation.
  4. JMOR

    JMOR New Member

    I was thinking the same thing. Thank you for your feedback!
  5. JMOR

    JMOR New Member

    Thanks, I will consider your suggestion.

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