cooperation between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden

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    This is hardly credible...

    I have to reject this appeals to anonymous authority.

    Anonymous Authority

    an Appeal To Authority is made, but the authority is not named. For example, "Experts agree that ..", "scientists say .." or even "they say ..". This makes the information impossible to verify, and brings up the very real possibility that the arguer himself doesn't know who the experts are. In that case, he may just be spreading a rumor.

    You would also be wise to read the following...

    Imaginary friends?

    The weakest part of the case for war

    Ordinary Americans Think Bin Laden and Saddam Are the Same

    By Paul Lashmar and Raymond Whitaker
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    Just found this!

    DoD Statement on News Reports of Al Qaeda and Iraq Connections

    News reports that the Defense Department recently confirmed new information with respect to contacts between al Qaeda and Iraq in a letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee are inaccurate.

    No Evidence Suspect Met Iraqi in Prague

    by John Tagliabue

    The New York Times
    October 20, 2001

    PRAGUE, Oct. 16 — Czech officials say they do not believe that Mohamed Atta, suspected of having led the attack on the World Trade Center, met with any Iraqi officials during a brief stop he made in Prague last year.

    The officials said they had been asked by Washington to comb their records to determine whether Mr. Atta met with an Iraqi diplomat or agent here. They said they had told the United States they found no evidence of any such meeting. They know only that Mr. Atta was in Prague once in 2000.

    "I can only confirm one visit in the summer," said Stanislav Gross, the Czech interior minister.

    Petr Necas, chairman of the parliamentary defense committee, said, "I haven't seen any direct evidence that Mr. Atta met any Iraqi agent."

    Last month, American officials said they had received an unconfirmed report that Mr. Atta met with an Iraqi official last year. If that is found to be true, Iraq could be seen to have a role in the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington. Some American officials would like to expand the assault on Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan to include Iraq.

    But a senior Czech official said firm documentary evidence existed only that Mr. Atta had passed through the Prague airport from Germany to take a flight to Newark. The official said Mr. Atta had applied for a visa in Germany but had been turned down.
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    1984, simply rewrite history

    Sadam was an ally of the USA against Iran.
    Osama was an ally of the USA against USSR
    Sadam and Osama were enemies
    Osama was on record calling Sadam corrupt and evil.
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    Re: 1984, simply rewrite history

    These statements are clearly doubleplusungood.

    Expect a knock at your door any minute now.

    I mean, do you not understand that we are at war? You should be locked up and denied access to a lawyer for stating such lies. We have to protect our freedom!
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    This has been my favorite website so far. Not biased by any race or politics, the website hosts daring news from all over the world. It's the real "freedom of speech" vs the other corrupt media outlets such as CNN and Fox.

    Read the overwhelming articles and build your own opinion on any political subject, especially our failed policies in the Middle East.

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