Constitutional amendment banning second Bush term

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by dcv, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. javila5400

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    Chill out, homeys.. Life is too precious..

    I am a conservative and I do not like Bush in some ways. But I distrust Kerry even more. Kerry changes his mind in the same sentence, but every day a soldier dies because Bush relied on faulty intelligence.. I like John Edwards' hair style, although I support Bush's stance on the meaning of traditional marriage.. I enjoy Saturday Night Live making fun of Bush, but it's scary to think that our next President could be an extreme leftist nut who will sell out to the UN.. We Americans are screwed!! We need someone like JFK, or Roosevelt, or Eisenhower, or Reagan, or even my friend who sells fruit at the flea market..What do we do?

    I think I'll vote for Nader, maybe Ross Perot..

    I don't know, I'll just take it one day at a time and pray to God for his blessings.
  2. irat

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    why the name calling

    I can always tell when a person has a weak argument. The name calling begins immediately. No logic, no reason and no politeness. The fact is Reagan left office with bigger government than when he started (even though he was not able to eliminate the education dept.)
    The fact is the Clinton years did result in smaller government.
    The fact is under Clinton the deficit was reduced to zero. Under Reagan and Bush I, the deficit skyrocketed. Under Bush II the deficit has skyrocketed.
    The fact is that Clinton did have extra marital relations while in office. The fact is Bush II clearly knew there were no nuclear weapons and no chemical weapons in Iraq.
    all the best!
  3. Han

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    Us Northern Californians are too smart to jump in! (No, this was not a personal attack on the rest of the country, just a less than wonderful joke!).

    There is talk about seperating Northern and Southern California, I can dream, can't I?
  4. dcv

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    Re: why the name calling

    Bare assertions masquerading as facts are a pretty good sign of a weak argument, too. ;)
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  6. DL-Luvr

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    State of North California

    Han, I grew up in the Bay Area and currently live in So Cal. There is a big difference between north and south and they should be two separate states. I consider myself in temporary exile.

    Let me know before it happens so I can scurry over the border. :D

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