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    Interesting! I came across an "CIS/IT" BCS cert, diploma, graduate diploma all through self study!
    For the cost of a single certification, you can get an equivalent to a UK Bachelors for only £905.00!
    Cert requires 3 courses, Dip requires 4 + Project, Grad dip requires 4 courses + Project

    Level 4:
    Modules: Computer and network technology, Information systems, Software development
    Price: £45 x 3 modules = £135

    Level 5:
    Modules: Professional issues, Analysis & Design, Object oriented programming, Software Engineering (1)
    Price: £50 x 4 modules + £75 project = £275

    Level 6:
    Modules: Programming paradigms, Software Engineering (2), System Design Methods, Web Engineering
    Price: £90 x 4 modules + £105 project = £465

    Entire course fee (4 year duration) £30.00 | Select this option instead of 1 year for £20.00

    Now, for those who are not into very basic 3 year Bachelors equivalents and want to splurge on a Bachelors (Honors), you can do so at several schools, I would only go for those who are Online, Ranked nationally & internationally, have a TEF, and same tuition as UK/local students (since BREXIT caused many to bump their tuition for EU/International students).

    Entry requirements for this is only a BCS Level 5 Diploma, however, I highly recommend at least a Level 6 as I mentioned above to help your application be more successful, this university is ranked in the top 30 and top 10 for Business programs in the UK, plus tuition is £5,250 (the cheapest so far in my search).

    Here is one from U of Darby:
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    WOW!!! I've been eyeing BCS for a long time, but this is the first time I am seeing OFQUAL accredited diplomas from them. Similar qualifications elsewhere could cost 800-1500 per level. And of course BCS is the body for computing, so there's bragging rights. Their exams are pen&paper though, and I am not sure if they have a center in the US.
    Very good fing nevertheless. Thank you @AsianStew

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