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    My younger brother is attempting to take some of his undegrad computer science prerequisites via distance learnining. From what he told me, UF requires the following courses:

    CIS 3022 Programming for CIS Majors 1
    CIS 3023 Programming for CIS Majors 2
    COP 3530 Data Structures and Algorithms (prerequisite: MAC 2312)
    COP 4600 Operating Systems
    COT 3100 Applications of Discrete Structures
    CDA 3101 Introduction to Computer Organization

    The title of courses may vary from CS dept. to CS dept., but in general its usually the same gig (i.e. Data structures, discrete math, sometype of assembly programming class etc). If anyone has any suggestions of where these types of courses may be offered via DL, I would be appreciate it. So far I found something promising for him at NC state Engineering Online:

    CSC 114 Introduction to Computing - C++ (3)
    CSC 214 Programming Language Concepts (3)
    CSC 224 Applied Discrete Mathematics (3)
    CSC 234 Basic Computer Organization and Assembly Language (3)
    CSC 244 Concepts and Facilities of Operating Systems (3)
    CSC 314 Data Structures (3)

    I showed it to him, and it looked good. The only knock he said was that they are scheduled in normal semesters, appromixately 16-17 weeks. Ideally, he is looking for accelerated courses, something along the line of 8-12 weeks; any courses that are of similiar nature would be fine as well.
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    Is your brother already enrolled in the BSCS program at UF? If not, does your brother already have a BS? (In other words, are you talking about prerequisites to enter an MS in computer science or prerequisites to complete a BS in computer science? And since these prequisities vary by school, do you know where he will be likely getting the degree in question?)
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    You may wish to look into SUNY's SLN network:

    You may have to go through different campuses but you should be able to find all the classes you need, especially at Broome Community College. I am not sure if the out of state rates are in your range(if you do not live in New York).
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    Why doesn't your brother do the pre-reqs at Santa Fe Community College? A lot of their classes are online and it will be a lot cheaper than NC state.
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    Now that I reread my threat, is it a a bit ambigious. He is currently an undergraduate student (junior) in the Computer Science program. These actually arent necessarily his prereq classes; some count towards the major as well.

    Santa Fe doesnt have the higher level courses that are required for the undergrad CS major; it was the first place he looked. I think ithad intro to computing (if my knowledge serves me correctly, might fulfill the CIS major in the business school) and, some of the calc and physics courses. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    This was the second place we looked. Unforunately, many of the state universities do not offer any of those classes or their equivalents online when that site was searched.

    The best lead we found right now is FSU online BS in Computer Science program. He contacted them and he could take some of the classes in question as a transient student, if they are offered of course. Might present a conflict of interest since were a Gator household :eek:

    I appreciate everyones input.
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