Comes now Pebble Hills University, New Zealand

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  1. adelheid

    adelheid New Member

    Pebble Hills University

    Level 17, 126 Vincent Street
    Auckland 1001
    New Zealand
    Tel: (+64) 9 353 1528
    Fax: (+64) 9 353 1528

  2. Revkag

    Revkag New Member

    Do they offer golf? Oh, that's Pebble Beach...
  3. JamesK

    JamesK New Member

    Not to mention Italy , and Hutt River "Province" of all places.
  4. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Thanks. Adelheid found a funny!

    419! 419! 419!

  5. galanga

    galanga New Member

    oh my heavens, it's Azad!

    The Pebble Hills entry page announces that
    I had forgotten that Azad was doing this. DirtPileUniversity shows an ICfHE accreditation seal; the Saint Regis group used to have wowies from ICfHE too, so it is all pretty curious. Remember how there was stuff about the Randocks getting Azad thrown in jail by Indian authorities?

    The ClodsOfMudCollege page also has links to Steve K. Ho's Hong-Kong based "ICL Distance Learning Center" whoopee cushion. Notice the gray-tone graphic on Ho's site: that's something one also used to see on Saint Regis and Robertstown sites.

    And of course we must not fail to have Maxine Asher to the party:
    CSPS is WAUC-wahooed.

    Sometimes I think these people do all this weird stuff just as a bizarre kind of performance art.
  6. stevekurdzin

    stevekurdzin New Member

    PHU does appear in Vietnam

    PHU has affiliated with a private institution here in Vietnam. They set up a program to provide BA degree. Students must complete the program with the local institution fisrt, then they have to complete 8 more courses with PHU to get the BA degree awarded by PHU.
    The local institution advertised that they are the place for anybody who is not able to pass the university entry exam. That means the qualification of this institution student is very poor.
    The program is conducted in Vietnamese by Vietnamese lecturers and even graded by these lecturers.
  7. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    Re: PHU does appear in Vietnam

    I donn't think above reflects the learning standard of this university. Many open universities e.g. OUUK, OUHK ...etc will accept applications for those age over 18 without formal academic background. Also, it is very usual practice to recruit local tutors/lecturers for teaching subjects of a distance learning program. I think most UK universities with distance learning programs are using this practice. Therefore, it is not strange for Vietnamese programs taught by Vietnamese lecturers.

    I have sent an email applying for MBA of this university. It required me to certify all documents, e.g. passport, educational records ... etc by appropriate authority and send the copies to its overseas study centre for consideration. It seems the admission procedures are formalised! You may try to do so by yourself.
  8. stevekurdzin

    stevekurdzin New Member

    I agree with your opinion. But, I must put some clarification.

    - The affiliated institution with PHU is a private one, just created for 2 years. It only provides the associate level. As normal practice in Vietnam, students of such an institution are insufficient to participate in a serious post-secondary program.
    - I don't think it is abnormal when a person possess a degree from an "International" school but could not communicate in English.

    I think you should pay attention in what galanga said and do some searches on this site to get the information about PHU, Maxine Asher ...
  9. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    Thank you for your remind. Today, there are a lot of distance learning programs being localized. There are some Australian/UK universities offering their programs in China. As I know, they recruited local lecturers teaching in Mardarin and students submitted assignments in Chinese, not English. Moreover, the teaching materials and study packs are in simplied Chinese!

    For real educational missions, if a school is teaching the course with assessments and learning objectives and providing learning outcome to the students, it will be fine. Standards may not be the same at different countries.

    As I said before, I emailed to apply for MBA that required me to send all supporting documents for entry application. At least, the university has formal control device.
  10. Mohd Ali

    Mohd Ali New Member

    UK, Australia, RA & DETC University teach in Mandrin in China

    I fully agree with Kcfile.

    I know many UK, Australia, RA and DETC universities are offering their programs in China in Mandrin and there are no problem on the student and program quality. Some of them also offer through private training organization not even school or university.

    The trend today is also clear that many UK, Australia and DETC unievrsities accepted student to their MBA without needed to have the BBA. What you need to have is Diploma from an accredited instituition with several years of executive experience and pass a few papers in pre-mba level of studies.

    Also, American Degree program is based on credit hour, if you have 120 credits, you are qualified to be graduated in BBA. And most of the university accepts Diploma and Adv Diploma studies as credit transfer and can exempt up to 90 credits hours maximum. Thus, a student needs to only complete another 30 credits hours which is equal to ONE academic year of study. So, BBA can be obtained within ONE year, it is possible. Many colleges in Malaysia are offering final year BBA here after the student completed their 2.5 years Diploam programs. And the BBA is awarded by RA universities.

    I think Steve is still new and not expose enough to the education system worldwide and his conclusion is purely based on his own country scenario and education system. Also, his personal perception.

    Though it is not wrong but I think he shall expose more to international view not just do his research based on internet and "hear-say'.
  11. PJFrench

    PJFrench member

    Re: UK, Australia, RA & DETC University teach in Mandrin in China

    Please name the Australian universities who are offering their degrees in Mandarin.
  12. Mohd Ali

    Mohd Ali New Member

    Mr. PJFrench

    University of Southern Australia (UNISA) is offering their MBA in Mandrin.
  13. kcfile

    kcfile New Member

    University of Technology, Sydney, has full Chinese Master degree program in production technology. Students allow to submit assignments in Chinese, (NO English required) as I heard from a friend of mine who is living in HK.
  14. galanga

    galanga New Member

    isn't that the SRU-India office?

    The GravelPile entry page shows a little bit of office space. Isn't that the same office as was shown for Azad's SRU-India pictures some time ago? I can't seem to find earlier posts that show them using the DegreeInfo search tool.

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