Columbia Pacific Univ & "The Devil's Knot" movie

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    Here's a bit of trivia on how questionable credentials can come back to haunt you, bite you, or simply explode in your face.

    This evening I watched the movie The Devil's Knot. The movie is based on the true story of the West Memphis Three, a controversial trial of three teenagers accused of killing several young kids as part of a satanic ritual.

    During the trial a supposed expert in satanic ritualism is called to the stand to corroborate the testimony of one of the witnesses. While the supposed expert is being cross examined the legitimacy of his credentials arise. This may not be verbatim, but the prosecutor said something like, Is it true that you obtained your PhD from Columbia Pacific University, an unaccredited school that required no class work? The guy on the stand becomes fidgety, looks around, then drops his head in shame.


    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    To be honest with you that people decide to go with their own comfort in education. But they would expect no consequences of it. Just like this chick, Official on key EPA fracking advisory board has suspect degree - Washington Times . I discussed her case in my Facebook, some defensed her some offensed her. Some said that sometimes people with Ph.D cannot do the job, but people with no degree can do the job better. The key thing here is the integrity and honest not about whether who can do better job. I would not respect anyone with fake credential especially in the Government where leading by example.
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    Nor would I.
  4. Koolcypher

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    I'm sorry to be that guy, but how in the world are you doing a PhD degree with such horrendous writing? :aargh4:
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    You can see the actual guy squirm on the witness stand in the original WM3 film Paradise Lost. He was grilled on what courses he took at Columbia Pacific to obtain his degree and his answer was "none."
  6. RAM PhD

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    I guess you know you're big time when you make it into the movies. :arms:
  7. John Bear

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    I was unfamiliar with this film. Thanks for pointing it out.
    The entire movie can be viewed for free at: Devil’s Knot (2013) -
    The Columbia Pacific scene occurs at 72-73 minutes.
    The witness looks uncomfortable, but I saw no "dropping head in shame." In fact the judge immediately rules that the person being cross-examined is acceptable as an expert witness in this trial.
  8. gbrogan

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    Isn't Devil's Knot a fiction movie based on true events?

    My post was talking about the actual documentary of the trial of the WM3 that came out in the early 90s in which the real person, Dale Griffis, took the stand and was questioned about credentials by the defense attorney. He tried to avoid the question about what courses he took to obtain his Ph.D. and finally said none.
  9. RAM PhD

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    Yes, the movie is based on a true story.

    Sorry, John, about the specific description of the response of the "expert" witness. It happened so quick and of course I wasn't expecting to see/hear any reference to questionable credentials, I just recognized the guy was somewhat fidgety and acted embarrassed. No attempt to dramatize the scene.
  10. TEKMAN

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    I am a technical guy, writing is quite challenge for me. Therefore, I am still in school to continue to learn. But at least I do not purchase fake degree to show people that I am smart. I hope that would answer your question.
  11. RAM PhD

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    Continue to learn, Tekman, and whatever you do, don't purchase a fake degree.:smile:

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