College Algebra-No Exams

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  1. AV8R

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    I know that college algebra courses with no exams exist but I'm trying to find one that doesn't break the bank. The least expensive I've seen so far is through Colorado Community Colleges Online for over $600. Are there any others out there that might be more affordable?

    --Oh, and yes, I tried to do a search before posting...didn't find much.
  2. suelaine

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    College Algebra

    Check out Empire State College's Center For Distance Learning. When you imply that you would rather avoid exams, I think you might like the class offered though it might be more expensive than you want ($181 per Cr. but it is worth 4 credits). There is no final exam but there are online quizzes. Send me a PM if you would like more information. I teach this class.
  3. decimon

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    Re: College Algebra

    Sorry for the digression.


    I've noticed a number of ESC courses at 4 credits that seem the equivalent of 3 credit courses elsewhere. Do you know how these courses transfer to other SUNY schools?
  4. nosborne48

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    Hanh? Al-gebra with NO EXAMS? How is such a thing possible? Do they use your homework answers to determine whether you are learning the material, or what?

    NO EXAMS?? The ONLY way to learn any branch of mathematics is to solve lots and lots and lots of problems. The only way one can be said to have learnt it is to solve problems.

    NO EXAMS???
  5. Ian Anderson

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    Re: College Algebra

    The ESC distance learning catalog for Fall 05 seems to indicate the cost is $260.60 per credit. Can you verify?
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  6. hockeyfan

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    I took College Algebra through Colorado Community Colleges Online (CCCO) and got an "A". I searched high and low for courses not requiring proctored exams and found CCCO to be the only one offering College Algebra w/o proctored exams and to be the most reasonably priced for other courses without proctored exams.

    The beauty of the College Algebra course at CCCO is that you can take each unit exam and the final exam twice. I believe there were 20 problems on each unit exam and the second time I took each unit exam I would get either the exact same problem or the same problem with either one variable changed or something along those lines. Also, the highest score from the 2 attempts counts toward your grade.

    I also took Statistics through CCCO and it worked the same way.
  7. aic712

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  8. Oherra

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    I took my English courses and a business law elective from Colorado Community Colleges Online and thought they were very well set up. I had a wonderful experience, I was able to complete my on campus associate degree much quicker by transferring in credit I'd taken from CCCO.
  9. suelaine

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    Empire State College: Algebra, etc.

    Ian, I am not sure where you are looking but I just went back to the ESC CDL site and it says the undergraduate tuition is $181 per cr. for In state and All CDL students regardless of where they live. For other questions, this class has no final exam but there are quizzes throughout and there is a final project where the student actually has to use some algebra in the project. I have taught college algebra by other methods and I believe this is an excellent course and the students really do have to master this at the same level they would have to master it anywhere else in order to pass the course, but I think it is less stressful for many with "math anxiety" than some college algebra classes. And for the other question asked by Decimon, I am not really sure how the credits transfer! I think on average ESC courses are a little more substantial (more work required) than 3 cr. courses of the same name other places, but I am sure not all other instiitutions are going to see it that way, so I can't answer your question.
  10. jayncali73

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    Try Clovis Community College ( Course cost 110.00 (not per hour--per course) for out of state tuiton. I believe they offer College Algebra with no protored exams.
  11. Ian Anderson

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    Re: Empire State College: Algebra, etc.

    Re-checking the CDL Fall Term 2005 Booklet I see the $181 figure quoted. I was looking at the second table on page 10 that had different tuition rate per credit.$FILE/CDL%20Term%20Booklet%20Fall%2005.pdf
  12. djjjfp

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    Re: Re: College Algebra-No Exams




  13. LBTRS

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    It seems math would be hard to grade without the use of exams. Not like you can write a case study on a math problem.
  14. anthonym

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    It's regionally accredited through NCA
  15. djjjfp

    djjjfp New Member

    but only associate degree... no BBA... no postgraduate !!!

  16. djjjfp

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    Can you tell me more about exams at ?

    I wrote an eamil, but I had no answer.


  17. AV8R

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    Thanks for all the replies so far. I'm still exploring my options at this point.
  18. nosborne48

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    Don't you already have a significant amount of algebra in your background? Your Extra class exam required it, surely. (Mine did but that was a LONG time ago; 20 wpm and vacuum tubes at the FCC field office in Seattle. From what I've seen, the theory tests are HARDER now than they were then.)

    Also, I really AM do schools offer algebra without exams? It must be a workable system; I lived in Clovis and am familiar with the community college there.
  19. AV8R

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    Yes, I do. However, that was some time ago. I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "If you don't use it...."
  20. nosborne48

    nosborne48 Well-Known Member

    So maybe you could test out of it? Algebra isn't really arcane; well, COLLEGE algebra isn't really arcane...there are algebras that are VERY arcane, such as the algebra of matrices, but I don't think that's what you are needing.

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