Coast Guard Member Receives B.S. From EXCELSIOR

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by MCPO, May 23, 2006.

  1. MCPO

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    I received my Bachelor of Science Degree (Liberal Studies) from EXCELSIOR today and would like to thank the members of this board that helped me both directly and indirectly. I am a Master Chief (E-9) in the Coast Guard Reserve (just off 3 yrs active duty) and obtained my degree in less than a year without taking any college courses by using military ACE recommended credit and 18 CLEP,DANTES and EXCELSIOR exams. All 5 branches of the military have great college programs at almost no cost to the member.
  2. CoachTurner

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    Congratulations Master Chief, welcome to the alumni of Excelsior College.

  3. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Good job!! Well done.

    Abner :)
  4. Bob Fiske

    Bob Fiske Member

    Congrats, O' Master Chief of Puddle Pirates! Fair winds and following seas...any plans to become also a Master of Science or Arts?


    Army 1983 - 1985
    USMC 1991 - 2000
    Now in the Army Guard
    I've worked with the USCG. It's a fine organization with a great bunch of people. They are, in fact, my favorite branch of the US Mililtary; my beloved corps of Marines notwithstanding.
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  5. MCPO

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    I plan to start on my Masters (LIBERAL STUDIES from EXCELSIOR in a few months while I am still eligible for the new GI bill (Title 10 callups). I would appreciate any info from anyone taking or completed a Masters from EXCELSIOR.
  6. Michael Lloyd

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    Congratulations, Master Chief. My wife was a lifer in the Navy, retiring after 20 years as a HMC. She went through SIU at Carbondale, herself. She knows of many Excelsior grads in the Navy who went through the distance learning registered nurse program. Excelsior is a great choice for active duty military.
  7. DNICE

    DNICE New Member

    Congrats Master Chief
    I'm in the Coast Guard (Active duty) I recieved my Bachelor's from Touro university last year in health science. Now I'm working on my masters degree in public health through Touro university.
    God bless
    HS1 Dexter Hall
  8. StevenKing

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    It's nice to see an E-9 setting the standard for younger troops. I caused a tidal wave by being an E-6 with a master's degree...

    But...couldn't go the distance...had to get out.

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