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  1. cmt

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    I'm taking this CLEP on Tuesday and I am curious as to whether it will be testing recent events? Do I need to be looking at the Bush-Clinton-Bush years? I'm sure something of Reagan must be on the exam...?

  2. mboston

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    Good luck on Tuesday! I don't have the answer to your question. I'm thinking of taking this test as well and I would like to know what you have used for study material. Thanks.

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  4. cmt

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    Good idea! I don't want to spend $10.00 to find out the answer to my question, but you gave me an idea. I'll run by Barnes & Noble today and look in the official CLEP book to find the answer. Thanks

    I'm using the EZ-101 Barron's Study Keys American History 1877 to the Present, A Biography of America , and Don't Know Much About History by Kenneth C. Davis (audio - 14 tapes covering all US history). Personally, I feel this is overkill for the exam (a lot of reduntant info) but I enjoy history so it is enjoyable for me. After the exam on Tuesday I will post results, comments, and recomendations.
  5. mboston

    mboston New Member

    I wouldn't pay ten bucks either. Last I knew they were only $4.95. They used to be free. If you still look around on the net you can find some pdf's with older guides that are the free versions. Be sure to let us know how it goes.
  6. cmt

    cmt New Member

    Well, I sat the exam today and scored a 70. I spent about 2 hours a day studying for the past 5 days. Some notes to future readers:

    1) Forget the aforementioned “A Biography of America” unless you have plenty of time to kill.

    2) The aforementioned "Don't Know Much About History" by Kenneth C. Davis (unabridged) is mediocre. If you can discern through his many opinions (often disguised as fact) then it may very well be worth it for the exam. If not, then it makes for interesting listening, but not much else.

    3) The "EZ-101 Barron's Study Keys American History 1877 to the Present" is enough for an “A.” If you know the material in this small book – you will get an “A.”

    4) Know immigration patterns, immigration laws, and population movements well.

    5) I had one question asking about Reagan. Don’t spend much time learning post-1980 US history for this exam.

    6) Know all you can about the civil rights movement!

    7) I had very few questions on any of the wars – maybe 1 question for each war.

    8) Know as many presidential policies as you can.

    That’s all folks,
  7. mboston

    mboston New Member

    Congratulations on such a great score! This sounds much easier than it seems it could be.
  8. cmt

    cmt New Member


    I want to clarify my 7th point. What I mean is that I had very few war questions like, "Who led the charge up San Juan Hill?"

    I did have several questions that were indirectly related to war. Such as, “containment policy” and socioeconomic implications of various wars.

    Yep! ;)

    I had a lot of distractions during this one (computer froze – 15 minute interruption, the test takers either side of me were typing as if they were angry at the keyboard – English Comp. w/essay, and a slamming door), but I was confident that I would score well, so I never complained. Had I not taken the exam in a circus, I think I might have done better. Nevertheless, I’m happy with the results. Oh, I mention all of this in order to further boost your confidence - this exam is not too bad (I’ve taken about 20).
  9. mboston

    mboston New Member

    It's great you can remember so much of the exam. I usually forget it as soon as it's over - except when it was paper based I could remember all the questions I was sure I got wrong.
  10. mboston

    mboston New Member

    I signed up today for the mid-November test date at my favorite testing center. I could have squeezed into the October test date next week, but I think I should have a little more time to study since I haven't started yet!
  11. mboston

    mboston New Member

    cmt - Do you think the Barons A-Z covers immigration enough? I'm finding the all bullet format hard to sink into. I have still have two weeks 'til test date!
  12. cmt

    cmt New Member

    I think it does. The bullet format is great if it covers the correct material, but it stinks if it doesn't. In this case it does, but that means that you have to know it all. I'm speaking towards immigration. Every time it talks about immigration - memorize it! Immigration of Indians, immigration of agrarian society to the cities, emmigration from X Europe to the US, and emmigration from A Europe to the US. This was a typical question: "Which years were most immigrants to the US from Eastern Europe (this is what I meant by "X" Europe)?"

    Also, know the last days of the Indians. Like, what was Wounded Knee and the Ghost Dance about.
  13. mboston

    mboston New Member

    I would say the answer to the example you gave would be 1840-1920. :D

    Do you think I also need to nail down the different immigration acts?

    I think I would be doing better if I had a book that covered a subject all the way through. The Barrons seems structured by time periods.
  14. cmt

    cmt New Member

    Yes, know the immigration acts, I am certain I had at least one question on them - but not many more.

    The chronological structure is not bad. The test was the same way! The first 80% of the test started with Reconstruction and ended with a question from the 1980's. The last 20% of the test seemed to almost repeat the same thing again - kind of like they finished making the test and thought 'Oh crap, we need 20 more questions.'

    Don't ask me how I remember this still, but I have more!

    I can tell you I was shocked at how few questions tested the Industrial and financial tycoons. They were tested, but your time would be better spent on the Depression and "Who wrote The Jungle " type of subjects.

    Here is another one: know the labor unions. Actually, know the differences between the Knights of Labor and the AFL. Which one was comprised of skilled workers - that sort of thing.

    For the 50's-70's it was concerned mostly with domestic issues (civil rights), rather than the Cold War. Notice I say "mostly" and not "exclusivley." Seriously, a big chunk of that test was civil rights related.

    I think I am tapped out now.
  15. mboston

    mboston New Member

    I decided to postpone the exam I was going to take Saturday. No penalty involved. I just wasn't ready. I started getting into another Barron's book:

    But I was only about half way through it. I had to return the books to the library. I will gear up for the January CLEP at the testing center I like and try then.
  16. jaydog

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    CLEP HIST 1/2


    First of all thanks for being so kind to share your knowledge. Second, does the U.S. History tests require that you remember the dates?


  17. cmt

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    Re: CLEP HIST 1/2

    That is going a little too far back for my memory and at this point all the ECE, DANTES, and CLEP have become one big blur of tests. I forgot how many I took, but 30-40 in 6 months would be a safe bet.

    If I had to guess, I would lean towards "yes, but not to the point you will fail the test if you know the other information."

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