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  1. gd22

    gd22 New Member

    CLEP/DANTES tests

    I have been reading past messages on CLEP & DANTES tests, but wanted to know what people thought about these specific tests that I'm considering taking.

    CLEP: Sociology
    DANTES: Principles of Physical Science I
    DANTES: Money & Banking

    I am an Accounting major, so the 1st two scare me a little.

    Also, my friend is considering the CLEP Principles of Management if anyone has a feeling on that one.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated (especially if you calm my nerves by telling me how easy they are!) :D
  2. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Re: CLEP/DANTES tests

    Of the twenty or so test that I had taken, CLEP: Sociology was the easiest of all. A great study guide is from REA

    I also took money and banking and failed by about 3-4 points, I guess I should have studied.

    Good luck.
  3. eyepatch

    eyepatch New Member


    That Money and Banking sucker is tougher than it looks. I passed with the minimum passing score. Hit fed reserve and it's policies.

    Sociology is very easy.
    Good luck,
  4. gd22

    gd22 New Member


    Thanks for the input. From what I had seen on the board, it looked like Sociology was pretty easy, but I wanted reassured. The only CLEP I have taken before is the Accounting. I spend 1 1/2 days going over chapter summaries of 2 accounting books and I got an A on the test, but I already had some experience, so that helped. The only reason that I hadn't been as scared on Money & Banking is because I've had 3 Economics classes and a Finance class. Mike, how long did you prepare for that one? Since these are all electives, I'd hate to study too much! :p Randell, thanks for the link!
  5. eyepatch

    eyepatch New Member

    Sociology too about 3 days of study. Money and Banking should take at least a week. I only studied three days for this as well but I would not of suffered so if I had put in a bit more time.

  6. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I was wrong when I said the Sociology test was the easiest. The DANTES Heres to Your Health was the easiest.

    If they are for electives, some other easy ones are -
    DANTES Tech Writing
    DANTES Intro to Business
    DANTES Intro to Computing
    DANTES Intro to Criminal Justice
    DANTES Intro to Law Enforcement

    I did not study for any of these exams. Hope this helps.

    What degree are you going for?
    What school?
  7. etech

    etech New Member

    I am studying for CLEP Intro Psychology and thought it would not be too difficult. But for some reason cant seem to finish off the the study material. Its been 2 weeks so far and I am not prepared. I find it quite challenging so far. Not sure about others.

    I think I may switch to Sociology for now and start preparing for that instead.
  8. gd22

    gd22 New Member

    I'm a senior in Accounting at Kansas State. The only one of those listed that would transfer to something I need is Intro to Law Enforcement (which I know nothing about). Is it really that easy that you don't have to study?
  9. gd22

    gd22 New Member


    I'm bumping this up....

    What should I study for Intro to Law Enforcement or is it really that easy?
  10. cmt

    cmt New Member

    Re: Randell1234

    The test really is that easy. Some have posited the Cliff Notes for Criminal Justice are helpfull. I used them, but there was not much in the Cliff Notes that I did not already know from watching the news and Cops on TV :D.
  11. gd22

    gd22 New Member

    Re: Re: Randell1234

    LOL! :p I don't have much time for TV anymore, but Cops was always pretty entertaining! Thanks for the info!

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