Clep: Abnormal Psych EASY 2 Pass...

Discussion in 'CLEP, DANTES, and Other Exams for Credit' started by Lauradglas, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Lauradglas

    Lauradglas New Member

    All I did was get the "spark chart" from Barnes & Noble for abnormal psychology and then made sure I both knew and understood every concept on the guide. IF you know and understand each of those you WILL pass the test with flying colors. Hands down. HTH
  2. soupbone

    soupbone Active Member

    I wonder if this would fit into one of my Social Science spots. If so I might consider this one. If not I'm sure it would fit into a general ed elective spot. Thanks Laura...
  3. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef


    I'm confused, they don't have an abnormal psych CLEP.
  4. soupbone

    soupbone Active Member

    Wait it's an ECE right? I think I had it confused when it was posted as well.
  5. Lauradglas

    Lauradglas New Member

    Sorry Yeah, ECE. I took so many of them for my degree the Dantes, CLEP, ECE all kind of blend together!

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