Clarkson University MS and PhD in Computer Science

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    Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY offers both its MS and PhD in Computer Science online.

    "Areas of expertise in the department span theory, artificial intelligence, software, graphics and visualization, systems, security, and networking."

    I called the Clarkson graduate admissions office today asking if there are required or expected on-campus visits, or are these degrees fully online. Both the MS and PhD in computer science can be completed fully online, the office replied.

    Tuition for graduate computer science is 1533 per credit hour. The PhD requires 90 credit hours in graduate courses but will this can include up to 30 credit hours transferred from a master's degree.
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    How good is its reputation? Hoepfully, the instruction is on par with the 138,000$ tab
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    Spoke with one of their associate directors at the school. Good conversation. he said that they don’t have any application fee. So he advises students to apply and let the department committee make their decision.
    only bad note is the requirement for a GRE score. Not waiverable usually even with a previous graduate degree.
    I will plan for this stuff next year when halfway done with my MBA. so far, I have this school and University of North Dakota on the radar.
    I spoke to UND last week, and their department chair was really cool to share info with me. He even said that with my military background, I could potentially work with them on projects and research with DoD if/when it would align with my PhD research. They partner a lot with DoD and DARPA and such other agencies apparently.
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