Cheapest On Line Educational Specialist degree (Ed.S. ) in Special Education

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by f_oduardo, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. f_oduardo

    f_oduardo New Member

    Looking for the cheapest ( affordable) On line Educational Specialist degree i Special Education.
  2. managerial0550

    managerial0550 New Member

    NCU (Northcentral University) just introduced an EDS program..11 classes, mid 2k per class i believe. They have a Special Education concentration as well
  3. Ruble

    Ruble New Member

    Liberty University requires 30 hours for their Ed.S. The cost is $1500 per class, or $750 if you are a veteran. They are NCATE certified.
  4. Jonathan Whatley

    Jonathan Whatley Well-Known Member

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  5. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Jonathan beat me to it -- NSU of Louisiana is a great deal. Their other concentration is in Educational Technology, which can be a good thing for teachers and administrators to know.
  6. icecom3

    icecom3 New Member

    Just to add to what managerial0550 said...

    The Ed.S at NCU is a good option if you want the leadership focus to be something other than school administration. One focus is actually an extension of organizational leadership in general, with focus in the corporate sector as well. I think it is a rare find, and will probably end up being my terminal degree. All of it matriculates to EDD accept for 3 credits of it (so I am told by NCU admissions), so that is a huge bonus also, but you have to declare your EDD intentions before you complete the program (again so i am told).
  7. ryoder

    ryoder New Member

    I have been at NCU for a while and I don't think you have to declare your intentions but it might help fi they change some of the programs on you. I have changed in and out of programs a LOT and have never been burnt by it. Of course if they do change something I will suffer but the worst case scenario is that I have to take another class or two. No big deal. It is true, the OL courses are truly multi-disciplinary and that is unique as far as I can tell.

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