Chapter 30 GI Bill -- best pay out?

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    Hello All,

    I have not visited this forum in a while; I was deployed multiple times supporting CENTCOM J5 Detainee Operations.

    I am now ready to start an online graduate program in Management or Information Security/Assurance.

    I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs as an Information Technology Specialist. I also wouldn't mind obtaining a graduate level certification.

    I still have about 30 months of benefits left. Under the Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty (Chapter 30), you have to be enrolled full time in order to obtain the maximum amount of benefits or payout.

    I remember that at Touro University International (now Trident University), each class was 4 credit hours; so if you took 2 classes you were considered full time. So here is the question: Does anyone know any educational institutions that will certify you attending full time if you're taking only 2 classes? Most educational institutions will certify a Veteran full time if they're taking 9 credit hours, or 3 classes.

    I tried to search this forum, and I could not find any relevant information.
    I appreciate all your help in advance.

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    I was in a similar situation back in 1989. I needed 1 credit to make the full time load of 12 credits in order to get my full VA check. As it was my last semester I was allowed to take one "extra" course, that is, a course not required for graduation. Back then (don't know what the rules are now), after a year or so one had to declare a major and then the VA only counted those classes that were required for graduation when it came to doling out the checks. I ended up taking a 2 credit basic sailing class and had a blast.

    My suggestion is to see if there are any 1 or 2 credit classes. Then check with your VA office to see what they will accept.
    Good luck.
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    Technically you're going to receive the same amount of benefits no matter whether you're enrolled full-time, half-time or something in between. If you're enrolled half-time you will receive half the payment, but only be docked a half month of benefits. So in the long run you would still receive the same amount of benefits no matter what your enrollment load is.

    UMUC considered two classes as full-time while I attended there. Since the cost per course was around $1300 while I was there, I could almost cover two courses with half-time payments, so I would only certify for one course. Doing that I was able to pay for 6 semesters (18 months) with only 9 months of benefits, and a couple hundred dollars out of pocket. If you want to be frugal, I'm sure you can do that with other schools so long as the tuition isn't too high. UMUC may not be the best choice though if you don't qualify for in-state tuition.

    Now I have GI Bill left for more graduate degrees, which may or may not be a good thing depending on if you ask me or my wife. Also, you will qualify for 12 months of Post 9/11 GI Bill once you exhaust the 36 months of chapter 30. Good luck!

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Troy University offered 2 classes (6 credits) as full-time; well at least when I was there. Because they consider you complete 30 credits per year under 10 weeks per term course, and 5 terms per year. You might try to contact them to find out. Have you look at Western Governors University? They are on competency base, and you pay $6,600.00/year all you can rack up credits to graduate. I assume they will enroll you as full-time.
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    I attended and researched a number of schools for my MBA using my Ch.30 benefits. I know exactly what you are talking about. The best place is American Military University. Take only 8 week courses, they run you as a 3/4 time student when you take one class. The price has gone up when I was doing it but you will get about $1100 a month from the VA. That's $2200 for one class at a cost of $900 in tuition from AMU. Numbers obviously vary, but while I attended AMU I made....well lets just say I made a good amount of money to earn an MBA. No other school that I found bills at 3/4 times for one class.

    If you really need the money, like I did (5 member family one income), this is the way to go. Otherwise I would attend the state college nearest you with an online program and skip the online only schools. IMHO you are better served in the long run going with a good RA state school near where you want to work even if you have to go in the evenings and actually spend money. Just my opinion though.

    Good luck.

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    thanks for the replies!

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