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    Quick question…I am interested in getting a Certificate of Completion in Homeland Security to supplement my BSCJ. The two I’m looking at are the one offered by Andrew Jackson University http://www.aju.edu/cert_hs.htm


    Michigan State University http://www.homelandsecurity.msu.edu/

    Both are undergrad certificates so I really just want the credential, for the AJU one I already have 2 classes for MSU, I would have to take 3. Would the MSU credential be worth the extra cost and time? I would be able to complete the AJU relatively fast, the MSU would take some time because of the availability of the classes offered and the MSU one is about $1500 more.

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    Yes, the MSU program is your best bet. First, it's at the graduate level and second it's RA and the credits can be used almost anywhere, and third, they can be applied to MSU CJ Master's program if you decide to go that route later on. Also, MSU is one of the top cj programs in the country.
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    Re: Re: Certificate of Completion to supplement a BS

    Actually I would be accepted as a "Professional Development Undergraduate"...thus I would not recieve graduate level credits for it...which is fine with me since the tuition gets jacked up for graduate credit.
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    MSU would e my choice. What do you want to do with a CJ certificate and computer certs?
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    Well, long story short it goes something like this.

    Began life as a Computer Science undergrad, bottom fell out of market, became a cop, got an AS in criminal justice, gonna get a BS and MS in Criminal Justice as well, however the school that I have and will attend do not offer a Homeland Security concentration, I thought it would be nice to spice up a resume on top of my BS.

    I also plan on getting a certificate in Management from Rutgers University....but that's for another time and place in case I either move into the private sector or up in management.

    The great thing about certificates is that you don't HAVE to list them on your resume if it is non-applicable. To get the certificate from AJU would be fairly easy, 2 quick classes and bam...there it is. MSU would be more difficult, but it's a well known school. So I didn't know if a certificate would really be a big enough cred to warrant the extra time, effort and cost to get it from MSU instead of AJU since it is not the "meat" of my credentials, just a topper so to speak.

    ---Plus, it may be fun.

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