Certificate in Thanatology?

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    I have completed an MA from Liberty University in Human Services Counseling with a concentration in Stress Reaction and Trauma. I also have about 1/3 of an MA in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty, but find I am very tired of writing 15-20 page papers. I have been working as a substance abuse counselor, but have found that I am interested in working with trauma, grief and end of life issues. I have recently completed a course from Inelda as a End of Life Doula and am very interested in a program I have found. It is a certificate from an unaccredited place called "The American Academy of Grief Counseling." There are Thanatology programs from regionally accredited uni's, but this one is also very affordable. Does anyone have any experience of knowledge of this place? Thanks.

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    Wouldn't this fall into the realm of a licensed psychologist, counselor (clinical or professional), social worker, or marriage and family therapist? An exception would be clergy working for a religious organization.
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    I've not heard of it. However, like Inelda, I suspect that the only credibility it will garner is with those organizations that have chosen to partner with AIHEP. Even then, judging by the organization's website, I'm skeptical.
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    Chaplains, including those who are employed by non-religious institutes, regularly provide this type of care as well.
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    True. Just need to get the chaplain credential from a religious organization and meet the employer's educational and CPE requirements.
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