Canada lawmakers who knowingly helped other nations must be removed, party leader says

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    Canadians are supposed to accept the politician's word for it?

    Quotes from a Toronto Star columnist:

    "If you ever studied philosophy you’ll be familiar with Plato’s allegory of the cave. The philosopher described people who’ve spent their lives chained in a cave, facing a blank wall. All they know of reality is from shadows projected on the wall created by objects passing in front of a fire behind them. When it comes to the most alarming type of foreign interference in our politics, Canadians are being put in the same position as those prisoners in Plato’s cave. We’re not allowed to get a direct look at the reality of what’s going on. After all, you know, national security!"

    "Instead, we’re told to be contented with a series of shadows projected by a parade of politicians, who themselves aren’t permitted to show us more. From these fragments of reality, partial and distorted, we are expected to draw conclusions. To go further, we’re told, would be reckless and irresponsible."

    "So we learn first from a blue-ribbon panel of MPs and senators that some parliamentarians
    they won’t say publicly how many and they certainly won’t say which ones — are believed to have colluded with foreign governments against the interests of Canada. The charge could hardly be more inflammatory. The report delivered by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) leaves open the very real possibility that some sitting members of the House of Commons and/or Senate might be among those suspected of working against their own government and country."

    Bizzare responses from Canadian politicians:

    "Elizabeth May, as co-leader of the Green Party, is permitted to stare directly at reality, or at least a version of it — the unredacted NSICOP report. After reading it, May says she is “vastly relieved” and adds: “There is no list of MPs who have shown disloyalty to Canada.”

    "Liberal MP David McGuinty, says we shouldn’t focus just on wrongdoing by individual parliamentarians but look at the bigger picture of foreign meddling. "

    "Then comes yet another politician with a very different and disturbing message. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh emerges to say that, unlike May, he is decidedly not relieved after reading the full, uncensored report. On the contrary, he says, “I am more concerned than ever." The unredacted report, he says, confirms the impression left by the public version — “that some MPs did indeed collude with foreign powers.” What they’ve done, says Singh, is unethical, in some cases illegal, and “they are indeed traitors to Canada.”

    "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not spoken at length about the NSICOP report and his government has not provided a convincing response to its allegations." "As for Pierre Poilievre, he has totally abdicated any leadership on this issue."

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