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  1. B Lee

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    Hi, Everyone!

    Does anyone know the PhD in Business Administration (by distance learning and thesis research) at Bulacan State University (Republic of the Philippines)? Thanks a lot!

    Best regards,
    B Lee
  2. kkcheng

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    Hello Lee, you probably don't know the rules here... so before the more senior members say anything... let me put this link here for this "Bulacan State University (Republic of the Philippines)"...

    The entire PhD-BA program, as fas as I know, cost about HKD88,000 so that's around USD11,000-. The school is a decently accredited one but just that if you are cautious about their [social] recognition, you can also try the Southern Cross DBA (Australia). It costs just a little more...

  3. B Lee

    B Lee New Member

    Hi, KK! Thanks for your reminder of the rules and your information! :)

    B Lee
  4. trigo

    trigo New Member

    Strange the cost for the BLSU program seems to be prohibitive.
    The program for a Doctoral at University of the Philippines Open University is only around USD25-30 per credit (less than USD100 a subject)
    The Philippine Women's University offers a Doctor in Management for USD300 per subject (3 credits)
    I personally would be more interested in Hong Kong's Distance Learning Programs if you are there already- they're credible for business.

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