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    In another news group, the matter of Keppler and Buckner Universities were raised, with some information on the former, and none on the latter.

    When the FBI launched its national diploma mill task force in 1979, their first targets were the two totally fake medical "schools" then operating: United American from Louisiana and Johann Keppler from Canada. Both are covered in some detail in the "Diploma Mills" chapter of Bears' Guide. It turned out that the same crook, L. Mitchell Weinberg, was involved with both of them. In 1983, Weinberg was indicted, convicted, and went to prison, which was essentially the end of the two schools. Weinberg resurfaced a few years ago, as a representative of the SMAE Institute in England, which offers surgery courses at a distance--something which, as Marshall Rice has confirmed elsewhere, is entirely legal in England.

    Buckner University was a fraud that operated from addresses in Texas and California in the late 1970s, also selling medical degrees, along with many others, for the grand total of $45. The FBI put a stop to that operation, as well.

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    I just wanted to say thank you for providing this information. It was very helpful.


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