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  1. annie

    annie New Member

    Thank to all for previous advise. I am now narrowing my search for a Psychology masters. Does anyone have any info regarding the programs at Leicester University and University of Portsmouth in the UK or Domingez Hills (not psychology, related field)? Thanks for the input
  2. Tom Head

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    The CSUDH program is in behavioral science (but looks, to me, like a program in psychology); if you want a true online MA program in psychology, CSU-Chico has fired one up.

    Leicester has been in the distance learning game for a very long time (I think John represented them in the States at one point), and would probably be an excellent choice. So might Bournemouth.

    You might also look into an Australian school--they're usually less expensive than British schools, but use the same model. Good starting points here are Charles Sturt University and The University of New England; I'm also fond of Edith Cowan University and The University of Southern Queensland.

    Good luck!


    Tom Head
  3. annie

    annie New Member

  4. Orson

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    Tom. Annie...

    I was just surfing over to CAL-Chico, and no such web site (for a Psych masters) or offering seems to be available.

    Anyone know something different?

  5. Howard

    Howard New Member

    Proceed with caution...what are your plans once you have the masters??????
  6. Christopher Green

    Christopher Green New Member

    Here is my best

    Here is the website for the online course search engine at CSU Chico:

    No, it doesn't have an MA in Psych, but I tend to think Tom found out about the MA's emergence from a personal source, or something. Is that possible, Tom??

  7. Ian Anderson

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    Re: Tom. Annie...

    Check out
  8. tenbsmith

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    I would think you might find a way to get a master in psych at a South Carolina state University at low cost, and just a little more effort. I would suggest thouroughly researching this possiblity before looking at foreign schools. If you could develop a relationship with a prof from one of these schools, make them your mentor, you could probably make this work somehow.

    As someone with a Masters in Psych, I can almost guarantee you will want to go back at some point to get a doctorate. To do this you need to get the degree from an RA school at a minimum.

    My apologies if this topic was beaten to death previously.

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