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  1. Maurice

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    This is my first posting, so this topic may already been discussed. But, I recently completed my MA from Cal State (Dominguez Hills) completely on line, and now I am interested in continuing along the same line (sorry about the pun) with a research PhD. My major has been music research in the Humanities. Has anyone managed to work through a similar research degree who could shed some light on schools that would be open to this? I have a full-time teaching job and full-time family, so the residency away from Canada is really out of the question.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. roysavia

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    If you do a search on this forum you will find a number of discussions on GAAP accredited British Universities that offer DL -PhD programs. Most of them will require you to travel to the UK to defend your dissertation.
    You can also do a search on Google by typing in "Research Degrees Distance Learning UK". This will give you a list of UK universities that offer doctorates via DL (some restrictions do apply). Do not rule out South Africa and Australia. They have some very good DL research programs (MPhil and DPhil) that may be of interest to you. Whatever you decide, as long as the institution is GAAP accredited, your degree will receive recognition in the U.S.
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    Thank you for the information. I will certainly take a look at UNISA and others.
  4. manjuap

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    Take a look at

    Charles Sturt University in australia
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  6. Jack Tracey

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    Hi Maurice - You've gotten some good tips from the others. I would only add that there are few, if any, schools who will tell you up front that there is no residency requirement. It is sometimes possible to negotiate this issue but typically you have to go through the admission process before they will make that commitment. While this too has been discussed here in the past, the topic receives good treatment in Bears Guide. Good luck,
  7. Re: Re: British Research PhD

    I would hesitate to state this so categorically. School officials can be a law unto themeselves. :cool:

  8. Jack Tracey

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    Re: Re: Re: British Research PhD

    You are, of course, correct. Maybe someone with hiring/firing power simply doesn't like the sound of your name. Maybe some grad school admissions boss got jilted by a person who had a U of L degree. In this world there are precious few things that can be guaranteed (death and taxes?). However, we all operate on the laws of probability. If not, none of us would leave the house, get into our cars, and drive to work (or whatever). Each case will doubtlessly receive individual attention, but in general, Roy is correct.
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    If particularly interested in the UK, it could be useful to have a look at 'British Qualifications', published by Kogan-Page. You should be able to find this at your local 'British Council' office, or any British consulate/embassy office/other representation.

    As for residency, you will need to talk directly with the institution of your choice.

    As for funds, the best bet is to find a European Union nation where you can take residency, if the UK is not directly an option. Then fees suddenly change from 'overseas student' to 'EU resident', and you save about 80%!

    Have a look also at, this could be an eye-opener.

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: British Research PhD

    Any school I ever saw required approval of the desired program FIRST, if you were already employed there.

    To me the $64 point is to have the school and program approved before starting down the road. :D

  11. Maurice

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    Thanks for all the suggestions! I've got some work to do, but I feel like I have some new perspective of what lies ahead. I will post any progress whenever I can.
  12. Re: Re: Re: Re: British Research PhD

    Since the poster is already employed in a specific institution, "in general" philosophies have no place in this discussion - like the inmate demanding from his attorney WHY he was being marched to the electric chair. :cool:


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