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  1. galanga

    galanga New Member

    Bridgegate Advance University is new to me. Its contact us page shows addresses in Wilmington, DE (lots of schools there, eh?) and Malaysia. Its president is "Lawrence Mirovel" who is ENTIRELY unknown to Google.

    Its domain registration is as follows:

    Registrant Name:prof Gary Gandhi
    Registrant Organization:Vital Education Services
    Registrant Street1:1- 5D,3rd Floor, Block A,
    Registrant Street2:Jalan Desa 1/5,
    Registrant Street3:Desa Aman Puri,Kepong,
    Registrant City:Kuala Lumpur
    Registrant State/Province:Wilayah Persekutuan
    Registrant Postal Code:52100
    Registrant Country:MY
    Registrant Phone:+60.60362779372

    The president's message includes the phrase "distance learning programs are structured in such a way as to provide" in its second paragraph. Searching for this test elsewhere yields five hits (though two are to different "Spencer University" web sites). The pages are similar., to different degrees, but not identical : (University of Northern Washington: unaccredited) (Jihn Spencer Ellis celebrity personal trainer...) (Central Pacific University USDLA accredited: not a good sign)
    http://about-spencer-online-university-of-southern-california.html (Spencer University of Southern California) (Royal Canadian Institute of Technology)

    Bridgegate does award doctoral degrees.

    An odd thing. What do you think?
  2. JamesK

    JamesK New Member

    Spencer University (correct link), seems to be a rather interesting place. It appears that all they offer is 2 certifications (Certified Small Business Coach and Executive Certification in Health Promotion & Corporate Wellness) with expected completion times of 4-6 weeks and 3-months respectively.

    That seems to be a little light for what a 'university' should be offering. At least they are not offering the above programs as degrees
  3. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    JamesK: "...Certified Small Business Coach..."


    Danny DeVito helps you run your company?

    John Bear
    Author, Mailing from Mexico, Wightman Publishing, 1978 or thereabouts
  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I note that Bridgegate has faculty from the states of:

    New England
    S. Caroline
  5. Lajazz947

    Lajazz947 New Member


    I note with particular interest that no one has slammed this place yet and when I look at the website I am a bit confused.

    i.e. Thier Doctoral programs take 3 to 5 years to complete.

    Maybe this is lip service and it is definitely one for the " I don't need accreditation , just knowledge " crowd.

    The place SEEMS to be more in line with what a non accredited but thinking about looking for some semblance of credibility school would look like, not a typical degree mill.

    Looking forward to comments.
  6. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    I agree with Lajazz947.

    Yeah... I know... imagine that. ;)
  7. Lajazz947

    Lajazz947 New Member


    I didn't agree with ya but I liked ya anyway.

    I miss crazy chick though. My son would have liked her.
  8. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    Re: Des

    Weirdly enough, back atcha.

    Oy. :rolleyes:

    I'm guessing that might have interested her more than learning anything about education.

    But... ohgod... I'm getting a sinking feeling at the mere thought of going back there again.

    Let's, you and me build whatever relationship we're gonna' have on something else, okay?

  9. Lajazz947

    Lajazz947 New Member

    You are right

    Yes, I would agree with you on the issue of my son and yes, we must have SOMETHING in common other than Crazy Chick.

    Have great day, I'm off to visit a client but I sure wish someone would shed some light on this place.
  10. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    It's a little weird that they have a Graduate School of "Business and Multimedia." I would not typically group business and multimedia.

    Applied Photography, Art & Design, Art & Design (Communication Design), Fine Art, Graphics Design, Computer Graphics Design (Advertising & Graphic Design), Communication Design (Digital Animation), Communication Design (Illustration & Comic Illustration) are all in the Graduate School of Business and Multimedia.

    But Multimedia Production, Digital Media Arts, Filming & Animation, Media Innovation are in the Graduate School of Applied Science and Computing.
  11. Mohd Ali

    Mohd Ali New Member

    Bridgegate Advance University is diploma mill

    No need to investiage and search for this university, all Malaysian know that this university is non-existing and the owner is Gary Gandhi who has repeated recruiting students for his programs using different university name.

    He was once using a school in Canada and was discovered by Canadian embassy here that there are no such school. MOE also take action on him sometimes ago and and he has been very quiet recently without much promotion and advertisement.

    MBA can be obtained for USD1000 from him. Many corporate figures like this type of degree because no need to take exam just attend some so call development seminar.
  12. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    It is most interesting that college faculty would have such difficulty with the spelling of where they live. I know that the states back east are much smaller than those out west but there's one professor from there that is so large he doesn't fit in any state and lives in New England. I'm surprised that I never heard about this.

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