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  1. JNelson467

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    I am writing to inquire information on and the Brainbench Certifications. How is their utility and usefulness of obtaining a certification through them. I understand many Fortune 500 companies use them to evaluate employee knowledge etc. such as Wells Fargo, Keiser Permanente and Ernst & Young to name a few that I have heard of. They offered free certification exams early this month and I took advantage of attempting them. They are very difficult and thoroughly planned exams that seem to really identify all key areas of the particular certification and I was impressed in the difficulty they possessed. Any input or experience on Brainbench would be intersting to hear.

  2. CoachTurner

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    I've been using them for self-diagnostics and personal "fun" for a couple years. I learned about them from an employer that used them in the pre-employment process. The thing is, those employers have you test in their office in a proctored environment and not at home where you can use whatever resources you'd like.

    IMHO, they are very valid tests when given in a proctored environment. Espcially the "xxx knowledge" tests. When taken at home unsupervised, they don't seem to have much weight with folks that know what they are.

    I completed the "job role" process for trainer, I'm one exam shy of technical writer -- the exams were as hard or harder than those I've taken in real-time. The certification itself probably has no market utulity but it did help me identify some weak areas to work on. They are also helpful in seeing where you stand in relation to your peers.

    Happy testing...

  3. Felipe C. Abala

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    I also have Brainbench exams taken couple of years back. It's quite challenging to get a pass mark. But no real utility in the country where I'm working.

    The exam, I believe, is experience based. Getting a pass mark is unlikely, for those without hands-on experience in the subject taken. And regardless of the available resources we have at hand, beating the few seconds allotted for each question will be quite difficult in addition to randomized questions.

    This was how it work when I took some of the exams (unproctored), each question is allotted a number of seconds for you to answer (I just forgot now how many), once the allotted time is up (answered or not), the system turns to the next question and the “Back Button” of the browser proves unhelpful.
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    I passed 18 Brainbench tests attaining Master status on 7. My name appears many times as well in the top 10 of the Top Scores. Luckily, I did this as a challenge and for my own enjoyment. While on a job search last year, I found my Brainbench transcript to be of no discernable interest or value to prospective employers. I have also concluded that Brainbench certifications compete in no way with professional designations such as the Certified Public Accountant, Certified Records Manager, Certified Administrative Manager, Certified Manager, Certified Facilities Manager, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Financial Analyst, Certified Computer Professional, Senior Human Resources Professional, etc., all granted by institutes. Brainbench certifications are simply not in the same league nor are they of equal weight. As pointed out, however, a handful of employers do use them for knowledge testing in a controlled environment. Other than that, if you have the time and don't mind buying a subscription, they do provide some entertainment.

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    I also have quite a lot of those. Brainbench tests are nice for self-education and cheap (used to be free), but I dont think they have much utility. I used to list them on resume, but I also had MCSD cert that have much more credibility.
    I would say that tests vary on difficulty. Say, C++ was relatively hard, Visual C++ - very hard and pointless, ColdFusion - easy (I got Master level after only a few weeks working with ColdFusion; most of the ansvers could be found in online help in seconds. I must say that CF itself is very easy programming language). I took - and passed - such curious test as Sexual Harassment Avareness without any study of the topic. I used to have around 15 certificates overall.

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