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  1. scotty

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    I am in the application process for the Grad Cert in Project Management at Boston University. It is very pricey. I'm wondering if this is seen as a true Boston University credential since it is administered through their "Metropolitan College." Anyone completed an online cert through BU's Metropolitan College? Am I throwing good money away on a credential that is not what it seems? I am waiting a response from BU to see what the certificate actually says on it.
  2. preisma

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    Hard classes...

    One of my friends is going there (online)and from what I hear the classes are hard, requiring 20 - 25 hours a week and a proctored exam at the end.
  3. maestros

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    Dear scotty, I was wondering which Grad Cert did you undertook. Was it worth it? How much did it cost?
    I am really looking forward to your answer.
  4. scotty

    scotty New Member

    Hey Maestros, I did not do the BU cert. I went for the Texas A&M Certificate in Advanced International Affairs. Project management requires experience and professional certifications. From what I understand, an academic qualification gives no better potential for landing a job than a PMP or PRINCE2 certification. Add a CompTIA Project+ cert or maybe the Microsoft Project exam and you will probably get as many looks from employers as you would with the BU a fraction of the cost.
  5. AUTiger00

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    Throught the GHWB School at TAMU? Mind if I ask what the cert looks like? All those cert programs at TAMU look interesting.
  6. scotty

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    Yeah, that's the program. I have completed three of the required four courses, so I have not yet gotten my certificate. I have been very pleased with the courses so far. The time commitment can be challenging and the coursework intimidating, but I have really learned a great deal. The other students knew far more than I did about foreign affairs and international relations and that made it very interesting.

    My one complaint is that I selected the program based on one particular course that is listed on the site, Evolution of the European Union. It was a course not offered by any of the other programs I was considering and was important to me because I live in Europe. For various reasons, though, I did not take the course right off the bat; I took others just figuring I would take that one later on. Well, they have not offered that course in over a year and so I have put off taking the last class. I have now decided to just finish it and take a different class. This has taken a bit of shine off the program for me, but otherwise I can recommend it highly.
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    I attended Boston University's Metropolitan College for the Master of Criminal Justice program from 2005-2007. It was an arduous and rewarding experience. Since obtaining the degree, I obtained a promotion and recently accepted a tenure-track position at a 2 year state college. In both instances, the quality of the degree (or the specific College I attended) was never questioned. I should add that the degree was also obtained via distance.

    If you research the organization of BU (or any University for that matter), you will see it is comprised of many "Colleges". This is how Universities are structured the world over. Metropolitan College simply has a unique mission as part of the larger University.
  8. mark74

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    TL007's comments are spot on. Metropolitan College is certainly considered part of Boston University. For example, there is one All University graduation ceremony that MET is a part of (each college also has its own smaller ceremony). I have a BS from BU's School of Management and I just completed a MS in Computer Information Systems at BU MET so I am pretty familiar with the BU college structure, particularly with respect to MET.

    The various colleges (including MET) that make up BU are show on this link.

    Academics | Boston University
  9. caugs

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    Hi Mark,

    I am just beginning my MS in CIS at Boston University and was curious what your experience was in the program? I'm doing the distance program through the Metropolitan College and have heard good things but haven't had many oppurtunities to speak with graduates of the program. Would love to hear any impressions or advice you have regarding the program.


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    Hello all, I myself starting MS CIS this fall to bump up this thread, any advice?
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    I am interested in applying to the CIS program so I would like to Bump this thread...

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