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  1. hercules

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    Formerly knownas Bolton Institute, UK

    What's the rating for their degrees?
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    I'm not sure I know precisely what you mean by "what's the rating" in this case, but the fact that Bolton is listed on this web page means that it's a perfectly legitimate UK institution of higher learning, the degrees from which would be approximately equivalent to regionally-accredited degrees issued in the U.S. That, alone, makes it fairly highly rated -- that is, if I understand what you mean by that -- in my book.

    But that's just me.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by 'rating'. There are several British publications that publish rankings of British universities, kind of like the American USNews rankings.

    I don't know if Bolton University appears on those lists. It's probably the newest university in England, recently upgraded from 'institute' status as you note. But it has been offering degree programs for many years, including some doctoral programs.

    The British Quality Assurance Agency, their equivalent of an American regional accreditor, publishes summaries of its evaluations of British schools online, a practice that the American accreditors might want to emulate. There are general reviews for many universities, plus all kinds of specialized reviews of everything from foreign franchises to individual departments and programs.

    The available evaluations for Bolton University are here:

    The complete list of reports for most if not all of the real British higher education institutions, indexed by institution name, is here:
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    I seem to recall that James Watt of steam engine fame (outstanding engineer, BTW) had a long term business relationship with a fellow named Boulton. Wonder if there's any connection?
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    Gentlemen, ladies (?) - thank you very much for your feedback. "Rating" in my mind was the number of stars e.g. hotel I was also wondering if the "Institute of Commercial Management UK " is another bogus institution in the UK?
  7. Ian Anderson

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    Probably a business connection.

    Bolton University is named from its location in the town of Bolton; for some history of Bolton go to
    The town of Bolton celebrated its 750th aniversary a few years ago (although the area has been occupied since prehistoric times).

    Matthew Boulton was from Birmingham, a city about 100 miles south of Bolton.

    It is likely that Boulton visited Bolton periodically because it was an important industrial town during the industrial revolution.

    Ian Anderson
    Who studied engineering at Bolton Technical College which eventually became Bolton University.
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