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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by edowave, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. edowave

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    I have a friend looking to get a MCDBA certification. Mainly through self-study, but wouldn't be adverse to taking a DL course if it is a good one. Anyone have any advice on the best way someone can go from zero to MCDBA? Would SQL Server 2000, 2003, or 2005 be better to learn? VB.Net or

    There are so many books out there, they are not sure which is good or not. This person has A+ and Network+ and took a Pascal class a long time ago.
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    I'm sure that there are better and cheaper ways (but there are also worse and more expensive ways) but I completed an MCSD and an MCSE using the following method:

    Buy the book from Microsoft that is intended to be the study guide for the exam. But the Transcender software for the same exam. Read the book, take all the Transcender practice exams. Take and pass the test.

    There are a lot of online resources that are cheap with varying degrees of quality. However, I feel more comfortable with a book in hand and with plenty of practice questions.
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    The only thing I might add is that there are online libraries you can subscribe to that would give you access to the full text of the MS books referenced in Joann's post. Through my degree program, I have access to , and I've got probably 60-80 books right now on my "to-read" list. Depending on how many books you need, it might be a resource to at least examine.
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    It's been awhile since I took the MCSE exams, but the Transcender software JoAnn mentioned was the best tool I found. I read one of the Cram/Session books .."I think twas the titles" .. and went to a boot camp for the test. My experience ... the practice exams were most important of all... take them over and over and as many as you can. The MS tests where more "tricky" than other vendors in my opinion ... take your time and read them carefully.

    One other thought ... there are some online college programs targeted at preparing for certifications. Capella university for one has tracks that are designed to match certifications. You might consider that as prep work that also gets credits.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Microsoft offers several SQL Server 2005 e-learning courses for this

    Microsoft offers several SQL Server 2005 e-learning courses for this and several of the MCTS exams, which are free until November 1, 2006. To find out more, go to

    Exam 70-536, TS: .NET Framework 2.0 - Application Development Foundation, is aimed at programmers and developers. It's one of two exams that are required for the three MCTS: .NET Framework titles. The exam can also be used to satisfy all the second-tier Microsoft Certified Professional Developer titles. That exam went live last week.
  7. edowave

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    So you are saying the MTCS is preferable over the MCDBA?
  8. hsobers

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    Hi Edowave

    One suggestion that I would make- you can utilize the products from which allows you to do sample exams which are quite close to those that are actually on the exam. I think they have one now which also allows you to do practice labs as well. Microsoft's exams are now not only multiple-choice, but also simulations.

    The MCDBA or MCITP on SQL 2005 are both good certifications. If it were me though, I would go for the MCITP on SQL 2005 as this is where Microsoft's database certification is going. Many MCDBA's will also be looking at upgrading to this new certification as well.

    Hope this information helps.

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