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    Hi all,

    This is my first post and wanted to elicit your expertise. I need to get a transcript showing 48 or more semester units so I can enlist in the army as a PFC; hence, wanted to find out what school is best to send my test scores to get credit for submission to my recruiter. Of course the school should be accredited.

    I also wanted to find which schools give credit for SAT 2 tests. I have taken AP French and Chemistry with a 5 for each test along with SAT 2 Math with an 800, Chem 780 and am scheduled for CLEPs starting with more math. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
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    I would say the best school is the one that offers the most credits. Have you looked at Thomas Edison State College, Charter Oak, or Excelsior?
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    You might take a look at the TESC AAS degree in Safety and Emergency/Envirement. Only 21 credits are lower level Gen ed the rest can come from a source like FEMA (free). Thomas Edison State College: Environmental, Safety & Security Technologies A really motivated student could complete this in a couple of months...what would the value of an Associates degree be going into the Army?

    You could get plenty of math done (9+ hours?) at your own pace for just $20/month via ALEKS that would cover Math and the gen ed electives. CLEP English, I believe you can take Analyzing and Interpreting Literature to cover Humanities (check)this exam is worth 6 credits and considered pretty easy, then pick up Psychology or Sociology to cover the social science requirement.

    Option 2 and free electives are mostly FEMA (TESC gives credit for 32 of them)...that would leave maybe 6 credits required your existing credit might do it (AP exams and such)

    And of course if you fall short you only needed 48 credits anyway.


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